Fortnite Mobile – BEST UPDATE YET – Bugs and Glitches Fixed! – iOS / Android

Fortnite Mobile – BEST UPDATE YET – Bugs and Glitches Fixed! – iOS / Android This mobile update brings:
Major performance improvement for devices running Android 7 or earlier.
Memory improvements on iOS devices.
The first weapon you pick up will now auto-equip itself on mobile.
Touch control input now has smoothing enabled.
Tapping selected buttons on the build quickbar will once again build the selected build piece.
All elements in the Mobile HUD should now be placeable/movable in the HUD Layout Tool.
Updated visuals for independent Quickbar slots in the HUD Layout Tool.
Bug Fixes

Drag and dropping on the Quickbar will no longer select the thing you drag. Players can now adjust their inventory without interrupting other actions.
Fixing a bug causing some touch input to fall through the settings screen to gameplay.
Fixing edit button visibility issues when crouching on Mobile

12 Fortnite Hacks And Glitches Cheaters Found In Season 6


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Another new season of Fortnite means another large collection of glitches and hacks. Epic Games loves to try new things and discover glitches along the way, leading to a ton of crazy moments and hacks.

This is TheGamer’s list of Fortnite Hacks and Glitches cheaters found in season 6.

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Each new season of Fortnite seems to get crazier than the last and season 6 is no different. Epic Games loves to introduce all types of crazy moments and features in each new season, but with all of the changes come plenty of glitches and hacks. Long before Fortnite can release a patch, players catch these glitches, take advantage of them and capture some hilarious videos!

Watch to witness some incredible skins that players hacked into the game. These skins include both Spider-Man and Venom. To help get easy kills in season 6, you can, but shouldn’t, use a cheat known as an aimbot. Other Fortnite cheats include the ESP and god mode. Speaking of god mode, see how you can easily win using the grappler and one of the supply drops. Watch to see all of these crazy glitches, hacks and various ways to win at Fortnite without really trying!


Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

Edited by: Kyle West

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7 Things That Got Removed From Fortnite! (Season 6)

7 Things That Got Removed From Fortnite! (Season 6)


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I hired a Fortnite Coach… BUT ended up Coaching HIM! (he’s terrible!)

I hired a Fortnite Coach… BUT ended up Coaching HIM!
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So I Bus sniped every Default Skin NOOB on Fortnite…

So I Bus sniped every Default Skin NOOB on Fortnite…

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I met the coolest kid ever in Random Duos…watch what happens!

• Fortnite Battle Royale! I was doing Random Duos and met this kid and his brother. You’re gonna wanna see how I get him his first win!
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