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BIGVU makes in-house video production so easy you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

It can’t get easier with these 3 simple steps
1- Write your script on desktop and send it to your mobile app
2- Use the teleprompter app and read as you record
3- Spice up your video with visuals, photos, titlings and more

So here’s how you create a killer video presentation.

Start by writing your story in the script section of the app.

Or, enter your story on desktop through Anything you enter here you can send to your phone in just one click.

Wherever you access your account, Web or Mobile, your login details will always be the same.

Before hitting the camera button, decide if you want your video displayed landscape or portrait. This is how your teleprompter will scroll.
tart reading after the countdown.

When you’ve finished reading, the recording will stop automatically. No need to press stop.

If you need to, record multiple takes and pick your best cut afterwards.

And lastly, export your masterpiece on your camera roll, to your Youtube channel
or the BIGVU desk, accessed on your desktop.

But that’s not all. With the BIGVU desktop app you can overlay graphics and text with your name and a headline.

Customise your background if you used a green screen, or mix up your presentation with images and video shots.

Best Teleprompter & iPhone Remote Control App

Using a teleprompter for certain videos really makes you look professional in front of the camera. But many of the prompter apps on the market fall short of what they promise. The iCue prompter is easy to use and feature packed, but the best part is that you can also download another app called iCue remote and easily control the prompter.

It was created by ‘The Prompter People’ but the app can only be found on the iTunes store. It costs around $6 but worth every cent.

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Published: 2014-11-21 13:19:50
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How to Use iPhone as a remote for a low cost teleprompter

You can use your iPhone as a remote with your iPad to make a low cost teleprompter. With http// you can use the iPad you already own with your iPhone to control the text to make your reader look directly into the lens while they professionally deliver your script. This demonstrates using the blue tooth in an iPhone to start, stop, and pause an iPad scrolling the your script. The two way mirror in the prompter lets them see the script on the reflection and directs them to have great eye contact with the lens and better communication with your audience. A tutorial on how to use the iOS app ProPrompter with a prompter from
Channel: Really Cheap Teleprompter
Published: 2013-09-10 14:24:49
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A Cheap Teleprompter any Idiot can use? Neat! – Prompt-it – iPad teleprompter

Further adventures at “The Digital Show”, This time Blunty gets hands on with an inexpensive, iPad based, TELEPROMPTER that any idiot can use 🙂
Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Retina, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 7″, Wiz Tab, iPhone, iPod touch and many more.
“Prompt-itTM Maxi – for iPad – will work perfectly with any type of camera, consumer or professional, such as Canon GL/X series, Ikegami HDS series, JVC GY series, Sony PMW/DSR/HVR/HXRPDW/EMW/EX series, Panasonic AG/AJ series. Also perfect to use with photographic Digital SLR camera like the Canon EOS 550D or similar (too many brands to list them all here). Prompt-itTM Maxi comes with a base holder, Beamsplitter Glass & a glare cover.”
Channel: Blunty
Published: 2013-09-20 02:20:57
Duration: 4M31S
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Record Horizontal or Vertical

Visit to download the app

Record *Vertical* or /Horizontal/
Hold the phone
on the *right* position
/before/ starting the recording
Hold /Horizontal/
Press on the /Camera/ Icon
Teleprompter is horizontal
Be aware of the camera position
Press on the /Camera/ Icon
While Phone is Horizontal
Press on the /Camera/ Icon
While Phone is vertical

Published: 2016-09-11 19:14:21
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Datavideo Bluetooth Teleprompter Kits for Apple iPad and Android Tablets

Discover affordable teleprompting solutions for use with DSLR cameras, professional ENG cameras, and handheld video cams.


►Download FREE for iPhone:
►Download FREE for Android:



►Visit our Website:

Turn your Apple iPad or Android Tablet into a professional teleprompting system with a Datavideo teleprompter kit. Our teleprompter kits turn virtually any type of camera into fully functioning professional teleprompters for your video production. It’s the perfect solution for giving talent an easy way to read scripts for news, sports, entertainment, and many other types of shows.

You can easily load scripts, adjust speed, character size, and colors. The wired remote or bluetooth wireless remote let you control speed and direction for more professional results. The TP-300, TP-500, and TP-600 works with all models of the iPad, including the latest Retina Display version.

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