Free Unlimited Hotspot Tethering without jailbreak or root iPhone 654 all Androids Update September

Hi there, get it here iOS 11.4 Update by ArchieJacobs as of 8 September, 2018

Cricket unlimited hotspot with Att velocity prepaid mobile hotspot

Cricket unlimited hotspot with Att velocity prepaid mobile hotspot
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Hotspot in iPhone: SOLVED !! How to Activate Personal Hotspot Button missing in iPhone

Hey frnds today GeneralSolutionRadar is solving the missing personal hotspot button problem in iPhone..
Wifi bluetooth & USB tethering hotspot
Tethering Hotspot in iPhone
Hotspot in iPhone

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Hotspot in iPhone: SOLVED !! How to Activate Personal Hotspot :

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HOW TO: Activate Hotspot Without Root With Unlimited Data

*UPDATE: Package Disabler Pro is no longer available on the Google Play Store at this moment (11/2/17). Download BK Package Disabler instead, as it works just as well. Link below:

*GALAXY S8 USERS, go to my updated video at this link:*

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to activate your mobile hotspot on your Android device without root, even if you have unlimited data and your hotspot has been blocked by your carrier. I have only been able to test this on an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 edge running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, so please try it with your device if it is different and let me know if it works or not so I can update the description. This would be greatly appreciated! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for more!

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Package Disabler Pro:


In order to do this, you only need three things:
-Package Disabler Pro or any other no-root package disabling apps (only works with Samsung devices; will update description if I find any alternatives)
-Any Wi-Fi network (can be a Chromecast, hotspot device you can no longer use, etc.; Chromecasts can be found on eBay for cheap)
-Any VPN app (I use Betternet in this video, but any other will do)

***SPRINT USERS WITH THE S6 OR LATER: Here is another method to get your hotspot up and running:

A commenter by the name of Jon Streich pointed out to me that Samsung tablets (he used a Tab E) on AT&T can also have their hotspots activated using the same Package Disabler Pro app. He said that all he did was disable the AT&T All Access package and download his own hotspot app (rather than using the stock one), and the hotspot turned on without any problems. Be sure to thank him in the comments if this helped you!

List of devices that this doesn’t work on (so far):
-Samsung Galaxy S6(edge)(+), Note 5, Galaxy S7(edge) on Sprint and MetroPCS (Sprint users see above)
-Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on AT&T
-Samsung Galaxy S5
-Samsung Galaxy S4 on KitKat
-Samsung Galaxy Prime Core

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How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free

How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free with a root app

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Link to WIFI TETHER APP from google play

How to install Android Device drivers
2 ways to check the MD5 sum
Why Root Android devices video
Android device hacking explained
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices

Warning… do this at your own risk.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to help. 1. What device you are on. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom or stock rom you are on. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. What recovery system you are using. With this info I will be able to help much faster. 

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Wifi Tether iPhone – NO JAILBREAK

Alright! So if you have seen in the past, there have been lots of “hidden” apps,
fortunately, we came across another one! The “FlashArmyKnife” App that was recently
released, contains a tether that is pretty easy to use!

The App:

Wifi HotSpot Creator:

For Mac instructions (Instruction is “Mac to Mac” But it will work the same!):

Follow me on Twitter! @JB_iPhone5 (Http://

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