Full Android App Development Course Bangla Tutorial In 1 Month | App Making Tutorial | App Create

Full Android App Development Course Bangla Tutorial In 1 Month | App Making Tutorial | App Create In Bangla Tutorial | BlendDo-IT | Bangladesh Best IT Institute

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What is Flutter and things you should know about it

Flutter is a new tech by Google to design High performance and High fidelity mobile apps for Android and iOS, using single code base. Flutter uses dart as their primary programming language to create this single code base. With an initial look at dart, I found that language is easy to learn but since most programmers are not already using it, it would be difficult for companies to find programmers.
Dart is fast in performance but I would like to see some Google apps being redesigned in Flutter to see it’s actual power.

Anyways, I am fully positive when it comes to a single code base and hot reloading.

Let’s see how this competes with React Native.

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How Much Android Developer Earns From Free Apps? | ThingsToKnow

Currency used in the video:

Rs. 1600 = $ 22.93
Rs 40k = $ 573.37
Rs 54k = $ 773.92
Rs 6 Lacs = $ 8599.07

How Much Android Developers Make From Free Apps? What are the factors for Android Apps Earning? Why are Active Downloads so much important for Android App Earning?

Check this, Should You Create Android Or iOS App?


Grab these android courses to enhance your skill and earn money :

Fashion App: From Sketch to Android Studio:


It’s a most rated course on the Udemy. You just don’t’ have to code
but also give your app a nice user interface. This course is a perfect blend of designing and coding.

How to Put Ads Into Your Apps – AdMob – Xcode, Swift, iOS :


It’s another highly rated course. This course will let you know how to integrate ads into your mobile apps.

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Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

How to create apps and land your first client with Python in less than 90 days even if you have never written a line of code… http://cleverprogrammer.to/first-client-with-python

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Best VIRAL Asian Makeup Transformations 2018 😱 Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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