Gaia has been updated with lots of upgrades for kodi Leia 18, in this video we will show you how to install from repo, and run the quick setup for fast play with RD and Torrents.


Have buffering and want to fix it, stop buffering from your end with these needed adjustmewnts for kodi 17.6 18. Some buffering answers in the video as to why how what you can stop nd what you cant.
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Check out our latest Upload! Excavator, Tractor clearing trees! –~–
OK, so, wow, this one is really crazy! We get to see tons of wildlife on our farm because it is quite remote and not near any other homes. So, on this day we were filming a new deer fawn that was bedded right near our home in the woods. We were documenting the all day bed down of the fawn. At one point our cat decided to go and check out the fawn. She has befriended deer in the past and has actually played with deer.. But this time something was different!!! I was filming the interaction of the cat investigating the deer fawn. We even tried calling her back so as to leave the fawn alone, as spooking it would have put it in danger being up on its feet on its own. So, as I filmed this whole interaction there was actually a 5 or 6 foot rat snake that was moving towards the fawn. The cat saw this and instinctively tried to intervene and protect the fawn from the huge snake! Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage because this one is a nail biter. this is ALL REAL LIFE stuff that we document when we see it. Please share this video if you’ve enjoyed it and like and subscribe to follow all of our country living adventures, wildlife videos, land management, habitat improvements and much more. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
Hitman by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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In this video you will know how to install exodus redux on Kodi and you can fix the lambda scrapers resetting issue. Also you will know why you need 13 clowns Kodi addon for Exodus redux to work properly. You will also know if you want to switch which addon should you go for.

Many users are complaining about the lambda scrapers resetting issues and it is true that it keeps resetting unless it is updated to the latest version and that can be done via the 13 clowns repository, everything is shown step by step in this video.

13 clowns repository has the latest version of lambda scrapers which updates the lambda scrapers in exodus redux as well. So you want to continue using Exodus Redux no problem but you must have at least 13clowns repository so that the latest module of lambda scrapers gets installed automatically on exodus redux as well.

Also if you want to switch to other movies and tv shows addons then Yoda, 13 Clown Video, Magic Dragon and Seren are the best. The developer of exodus redux has not updated the addon for a while now and he is no where to be seen online. So it is possible that he might have left off the further development of exodus redux.

But 13 clowns and other kodi addons are paving the way for the best addons for Kodi right now. Also you can integrate real debrid and premiumize with Exodus redux and i highly recommend that, why? well use them and know why. Infact you will never say why…
Here is The Kodi addon:

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Millionaire Playboys With the Most Insane Lifestyles!

Who are some of the playboys out there with the most insane playboy lifestyles?! You guys know all about Dan Bilzerian, but do you guys know about the playboy ways of the new King of Thailand? Or what about Prince Jefri, brother to the Sultan of Brunei? Find out about how these guys live their life and spend their money in unimaginable ways in this video!

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In no particular order, here are a few of the most insane millionaire playboys!

8 – Jefri Bolkiah, The Prince of Brunei
Have you guys ever heard of Prince Jefri Bolkiah? No? Well, he’s the playboy brother of the Sultan of Brunei. Anytime your title is a Prince, you most likely have a ton of money, or at least have access to a ton of money. Prince Jefri isn’t an exception, and he looooved to spend that money. At one point, he was reportedly spending an estimated $50 million dollars a month. That’s……..just insane! So what are some of the things he’s doing to spend that much money a month? Well, let’s start off by mentioning he owned a collection of over 2,300 cars that was composed of Bentleys, Ferraris, and Rolls-Royces . That collection of cars make his collection of five boats and eight private jets seem small by comparison! But uh, let’s talk about his fleet of boats real quick. One of his yachts is named pits, with its tenders named Nipple 1 and Nipple 2. This guy sound insane to you guys yet? Another example of him blowing through money was him paying $17 million for Michael Jackson to perform for his 50th birthday. Oh wait, that’s not really THAAAT ridiculous right? But wait. In order to have Michael Jackson perform, he needs a stadium. So he had a stadium custom-built for Michael to perform at! At least he was nice enough to make the concert free for people in his country. We can go on and on with some of the more “typical” purchases rich people make, such as thousands of custom made Versace and Armani suits or the over 150 homes he owned in 12 different countries. But what takes the cake has to be the um…..custom statues he’s built of himself and his wives performing let’s just call it “morning cardio” that he put on display at one of his houses. Seriously, who does this?! However, Prince Jefri probably had to rein back the spending just a little after authorities discovered that Jefri had personally blown through $14.8 billion from a government oil investment fund he was overseeing. But if you’re asking us…..he’s probably still doing what he’s doing!

7 – Dan Bilzerian
If you’ve been on instagram for 5 minutes, you’ve probably seen Dan Bilzerian floating around. Dan is probably the most famous male Instagram celebrity who plays poker, shoots guns, and hangs out with a bunch of strippers! He’s been given the unofficial title as “Instagram’s Most Interesting Man.” If you hop on his account, you’ll see anything from him making big bets in casinos, or he may be boxing at the gym with Floyd Mayweather! His net worth is estimated at around $150 million dollars, but who knows what that figure actually is. Who even really knows how that money came to be because even though he claims to have made his money from poker, people that play poker in the nosebleed stakes like to call Bilzerian’s claim a bluff. However and wherever he got his money, we don’t care, because we do enjoy seeing his crazy antics on Instagram. He’s thrown an adult film actress off a roof, breaking her foot. He’s wakeboarded with his cat on his head. He’s biked from Vegas to LA just to try to win a prop bet against his friend Bill Perkins. Some people like to hate on his lifestyle and try to say that he pays for all his women, but you know what? We don’t care. Keep the crazy antics coming because at least they’re entertaining and do more than just show off money! Is there a more fitting “King of Instagram”?! Let us know in the comment section!

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Primitive Technology: Easy Deep Hole Underground Python Snake Trap Using Blue Basket Work 100%

Primitive Technology: Easy Deep Hole Underground Python Snake Trap Using Blue Basket Work 100%

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killing animals are not allowed in our country

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