Galaxy Note 9: Official Samsung One Ui (Android 9.0 Pie) – Top Features

Most Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users are getting the official Samsung One Ui update which is bringing a plethora of new features to the Note 9, S9 and S9 Plus.

In this video, I will highlight some new features of the Samsung One Ui running on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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This was the hardest prank of all time because there were so many obstacles… But, I have managed to do it.

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How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea

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Check out the Most EXPENSIVE Private Jets Owned By BILLIONAIRES! From luxurious airplanes to amazing business jets, this top 10 list of extreme private planes owned by rich people is incredible!

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10. Harrison Ford – Cessna 680 Sovereign
Harrison Ford is not just the pilot in “Six Days, Seven Nights,” or the driving force of the Millennium Falcon in “Star Wars,” but actually owns quite a few airplanes himself, with his pride and joy being his dark green Cessna 680 Sovereign.

9. Tom Cruise – Gulfstream IV
The Gulfstream IV is well known for having the uppermost standards of extravagance and style, and this could be why the infamous movie star, Tom Cruise, has made this his aircraft of choice. The ultra-luxurious jet can fly up to 14 passengers and two crew members while having their every beck and call met by onboard personnel, and she can fly for nearly 5,000 miles without needing to land to top up the gas tank.

8. Donald Trump – Boeing 757
Having Air Force One at his immediate disposal, US President Donald Trump no longer needs to have his personal Boeing 757 at the ready – a boy’s toy that cost him a cool 100 million dollars. Mr. Trump is not only the 45th President of the United States but the first president that is used to having a personal Boeing airliner in a private hanger.

7. Tyler Perry – Gulfstream III
The well-known comedian, director, and actor, Tyler Perry owns one of the world’s most beautiful jets, and it’s considered a ‘flying theatre,’ because of its big flat screen TVs, luxurious white leather couches, and recliners. This luxury airliner has a price-tag of $125 million! It has a customized theater on board, of course, electronically controlled mood window shades, a formal dining room, a modern kitchen, and a private VIP bedroom.

6. Jim Carrey – Gulfstream V
Jim Carrey incorporated himself into the elite club of exclusive Gulfstream V jet private owners by purchasing one of these relatively rare planes. There are only approximately 100 of these planes in the world, and their price tag ranges in the vicinity of 41 million dollars.

5. Roman Abramovich – Boeing 767
As a stakeholder of Norilsk Nickel, the steel giant Evraz, and the owner of UK’s Chelsea soccer team, this Russian-Israeli billionaire is no stranger to traveling in the lap of luxury.

4. Joseph Lau – Boeing 747-81
This standard model, with no extras included, is priced at about $153 million, so why not flash a little more cash to personalize the ultimate luxury jet to suit your sense of style?? At least that’s what Hong Kong billionaire (and ironically a convicted felon) did when he purchased his fly-in-the-sky palace.

3. Oprah Winfrey – Gulfstream G650
In 2016, this brand-new luxury jet, fit for a talk show host queen, was delivered to Oprah, and though it is not her first personal airliner, it’s undoubtedly the most luxurious. The jet is manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace and is considered to be the most beautiful private jet money can buy.

2. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal – Boeing 747-400
Cash is never an issue for royalty, and in 2008, Prince Al-waleed bin Talal al-Saud placed his order for an Airbus A380 – the world’s largest private plane, for the trivial sum of $487 million.

1. Sultan of Brunei – Boeing 747-430
It just wouldn’t do for a man of such great opulence to be seen globetrotting in a $100 million rudimentary Boeing 747. The Sultan is the wealthiest ruler in the world, and his luxury airliner was customized at the cost of $230 million! Although the jet has the capacity for 345 passengers, the sultan had his plane redesigned as a home. Giving “the floating palace” a run for its money!!!

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Expert warns Australia could turn into slums in 20 years | 60 Minutes Australia

Housing and banking expert Martin North North has criticised developers and the housing industry for “throwing up” high-rise buildings at such alarmingly fast rates. He warned viewers that significant defects and safety concerns are imminent.

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