Get Animoji or Animated Emojis for any Android | Without root

Apple iPhone X has a new feature called Animoji .
With that you can send animated emoji with your voice…

But with this Animoji for android, you cant send with voice, and it’s sooo Animated emoji or animated stickers.
When someone will send you Love,Like,Laugh etc sign or words, that emoji will be animated on your phone screen even on lock-screen.

With this, your chat experience will be more enjoyable….

*For download and proper experience, watch this video till the end.*

#App Link :

Wallpaper i used on my phone :

Rounded Notifications :

Launcher i used on my android phone :

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Emoji: Lost in Translation

As more people of all ages, devices, and tech savvy adopt emojis in their texts and online messages, we must address a problem few seem to realize: Emojis look very different on different platforms.

Unicode—the standard programming language that allows communication between platforms—is pretty much foolproof for text. Words are words, and there are no cross-platform kinks to work out. But when it comes to emoji characters, things get a bit trickier. Because of licensing issues, many messaging systems on different platforms must develop their own interpretations of the corresponding emoji symbols, so an emoji on an iPhone may appear very different on an Android. And let’s just say the results … vary.

To get to the bottom of the cross-platform issues, we compared every single emoji on different systems and identified the biggest discrepancies between the Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung sets. Watch the video above to find out just how much can be lost in emoji translation.

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Live demo of the new Apple Animoji chat feature for the iPhoneX.
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Why Animojis are a BIG DEAL!

The new iPhone X will have something called Animojis (animated emojis). Believe it or not, they’re very important and is actually a huge deal.

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