Get Pixel 2 like Home Screen+Widgets on any android using Nova Launcher

Pixel 2 is supposed to be revealing on oct 4, but on internet there are some leaks which feature brand new pixel 2. So I prepared a nova setup inspired by Pixel 2 which you can use without any problem.
》Nova Launcher Prime-
》Zooper widget pro-
You can adjust the size of the search bar by tapping it then scroll down and find scaling. Here you can change the size of the bar.
》Pixel 2.novabackup-
》Pixel 2 Calendar Widget-
》Pixel 2 official wallpaper (QHD)-
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Pre released Pixel 2 image as seen on Android Central like websites. Officially launched product may vary.

Google Pixel 2: Moving To Your New Pixel

Pixel 2 makes it fast and easy to transfer your stuff—contacts, photos and video, calendar events, apps, messages—from your old phone. And if you’re like Todrick here, you’ll even be able to squeeze in a little dancing.

Find out more about Pixel 2 at

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Pixel 2 Launcher With Nova | For Any Android

In this video we’ll take a look at new Pixel 2 launcher with nova launcher for any android Device.

Firstly download nova launcher 🙂

Download link for widgets
1. Zooper Pixel 2 Calender widget –

2.Zooper Pixel 2 Search widget –

3.Pixel 2 Stock Wallpaper-

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Get Google Pixel 2 XL Official Widgets launcher & Wallpaper on Any Android Phone

Oct 4 , is the date : The Pixel 2 will be revealed.
But if you want the upcoming pixel 2’s new widgets and wallpaper now –
*Watch this full video because there’s some setup you’ve to do. Otherwise you cant enjoy them properly.*

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#Package for Pixel 2 XL, link:

Pixel 2’s new Calendar with Clock Widgets v2 Updated (You have to download that package file ^ first, and watch video full for using this) :

#iPhone X features with navigation gesture and more:

#Animoji (Animated emojis on screen only):

#iPhone X apps on android:

#Rounded Notifications:

#Lawnchair, Android Oreo 8.0 launcher:

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How to get all Pixel 2 Widgets on any android

Pixel 2 has been officially launched yesterday and it’s sensational. But not all of us are in a condition to have a “hands-on” it.
Therefore I have created some zooper widgets that exactly look same as in official pixel 2 commercial.
Here are the downloadables
Pixel 2 Event (A widget that shows events of your calendar)-
Pixel 2 Date & Weather-
Pixel 2 Search Bar-
If you see a “?” sign when applying weather widget for the first time, don’t panic. Just go to zooper widget app and tap on configure widget, there choose that specific widget which could be named as Widget 12 or something… then scroll down and find Force update, tap it and your problem should be solved.
If you haven’t installed zooper yet, download it from here. You’ll thank me 😉
Google Now Weather icon pack-
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Google Pixel 2 (2017) Launcher on Any Android !!! (Nova Launcher Method)

Google Pixel 2 (2017) phones comes with a new redesigned pixel launcher. compared to previous pixel launcher it brings many UI tweaks. This video will guide you how you can create the pixel 2 launcher on your android device.

Description & Details :

Pixel Launcher :

Android Launchers :

Custom Navigation Bar :

Wallpaper Used in Video :

[YouTube, English]
[YouTube, हिन्दी]

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