Get PIXEL widget on any android without ROOT!!

Here is the app link

Or it is also available in Google Play store..

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Pixel Widget on any Android device

Vizorg Widget – Pixel Pill Widget is a widget that emulate the style of the search widget in Pixel Launcher, but it works with any Launcher and with a large number of possible settings

• Days of the week and months are displayed on the system language of the phone.
• The ability when clicking on the logo to use voice input + new feature, You can add any app
• By clicking on the date will open a standard watch or clock
• The ability to run detailed weather information by clicking on the date/weather
• A large number of logos in different formats time and date that are easy to change directly from the program menu.
• You can change the widget size to the size of 1*1 without the date display, press and hold a widget on the Launcher screen and pull the edge of the widget to change the size, don’t forget to disable the top and bottom line of date in the settings.
• You can now set the color and size for any text string of the widget

Installation of the widget:
To open the main screen of your launcher.
Long press on the screen.
Select widgets.
Find list Vizorg Widget.
Press and hold the widget and move to the home screen.

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Weather Widget from Pixel Launcher on Any Device

Get the weather widget from Pixel phones for free on any device.

Full pack:

In case the “Full pack” get’s taken down here are the separate links for apps and settings:
1. Chronus:
2. Icon Set:
3. Settings:

Add Google Weather Shortcut:

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How to make Your Phone Exactly Look like MIUI.

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Get Android Nougat’s Pixel Widget on any/default launcher! | 2017 Toutrial!

Go on, read the description. xD
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GraphicFlow – 2017

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