Getting started with Android and Kotlin – Kotlin Programming Language | New Programming for Android.

Topic: Getting started with Android and Kotlin – Kotlin Programming Language [Part I].

Getting started with Android and Kotlin – Kotlin Programming Language | New Programming for Android.

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We want to create more videos tutorial for help people that want to learn more about mobile development web development and new technology. try to gather more about new technique about programming, mobile app design, app development, UI and UX Design, and also the real app in the world that currently use and making for production and help people too. Thanks
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– simple Kotlin application for Android using Android Studio.

10 reasons to try Kotlin for Android development

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Kotlin development is now supported by Android Studio by default, but why should you care? Here are 10 good reasons to give Kotlin a try!

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Xamarin (Visual Studio) vs Android Studio and Kotlin

You probably already know the basic differences between developing in Xamarin Android and native development in Android Studio.

Xamarin is cross-platform and even when you choose to use Xamarin Android instead of Xamarin Forms you can still share the main chunk of your code which is not dealing with OS specific stuff, with iOS application.

What if you want to develop only for Android though? Should you choose Xamarin and Visual Studio or Android Studio. And is it better to develop in Java or in Kotlin?

Binding a Java library to C#:

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REST API concepts and examples

This video introduces the viewer to some API concepts by making example calls to Facebook’s Graph API, Google Maps’ API, Instagram’s Media Search API, and Twitter’s Status Update API.

/********** VIDEO LINKS **********/

Youtube’s Facebook Page via the Facebook Graph API

Same thing, this time with filters,name,likes

Google Maps Geocode API call for the city of Chicago

Apigee Instagram API console

HTTP Request Methods

Postman Chrome Extension

Twitter’s Status Update documentation.

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Flutter Getting Started: Can You Build iOS Android Apps with One Language?

It’s been very interesting using Flutter these past couple of weeks. I think its really growing on me how easy it is to setup an application using Dart. In today’s video, let’s go over what it looks like to develop a simple list application and check out what Dart code looks like.

Installing Flutter SDK:
VS Code:
Configure Dart Plugin:

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Intermediate Training Core Data

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Facebook Group

Completed Source Code


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Which Programming Language to Learn?

Why Learn JavaScript ? | Should You learn JS in 2017? :

Why Use linux? :

Suggestions for programming languages to learn in this year.
New trending latest languages are listed below.

Mobile development :
1. Ios
– Swift (suggested)
– Objective C

2.Android development :
– Native application – Java and XML (suggested)
– Hybrid application – Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic framework

Web development :
1. Web designer

2.Web developer
– PHP (easy to learn used for small projects)(suggested for start ups)
-Java ( big projects)
-Ruby (middle level projects)
-C# and ASP

Enterprise developer :
-Java (suggested)
-Hadoop (learn R language)
-Scala (suggested)

Trainer: Navin Reddy

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String Handling in Java :

Array in Java :

Socket Programming in Java :

Exception Handling in Java :

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