Gmail On Android Now Lets You Send & Request Money in U.S

Google has announced that Gmail users can now send money via the Gmail app on their Android devices.

The ability to send money via Gmail has been available to Gmail users since 2013, but only through the desktop version of Gmail. Now the Gmail users can do it from their Android Devices also.

Sending money in Gmail is as easy as sending any other attachment. Just tap on the attachment icon and choose whether you want to send or request money.

Recipients are able to receive or request money right from the email itself—without having to install another payment app. They can even arrange for money they receive to go directly into their bank account.

Google says that there are no fees involved on either the sender or receiver side, it is free for both parties.

This feature is currently available in U.S. only .
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Gmail Money – Gmail on Android to send and request money

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StEnSEA – A new way of Storing Energy at Sea

Engineers in Germany are testing a promising new design for storing energy.
This project is named “StEnSEA” i-e Stored Energy in the Sea. It involves installation of large storage facilities on the sea floor, in combination with offshore wind farms.

The operation principle is similar to that of conventional pumped storage power plants, but based not on two reservoirs, but a hollow sphere. The inflowing water drives a turbine to generate electricity. When there is a surplus of electricity in the grid, part or all of the water is pumped out of the sphere. The commercial target size per sphere is currently at about 20 MWh per storage unit
Larger storage capacity can be reached, when multiple spheres are connected to a so called energy park

A hollow sphere with an inner diameter of 30m will be submerged to a water depth of about 700m, so the hydrostatic water pressure creates an energy potential. Due to this applied pressure, electrical energy can be generated with the help of turbines and generators as the water flows into the sphere. If surplus power is available (usually during the night), water can be pumped out of the sphere again, thus effectively charging the storage system. This innovative concept uses the sea itself as upper reservoir.

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Ultrashort light pulses for fast ‘lightwave’ computers

Extremely short, configurable “femtosecond” pulses of light demonstrated by an international team could lead to future computers that run up to 100,000 times faster than today’s electronics.

The researchers, including engineers at the University of Michigan, showed that they could control the peaks within the laser pulses and also twist the light.

The method moves electrons faster and more efficiently than electrical currents—and with reliable effects on their quantum states. It is a step toward so-called “lightwave electronics” and, in the more distant future, quantum computing

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Image credit: Fabian Langer, Regensburg University

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Paypal in trouble? How to Send Money In Gmail – no fees involved

How to Send Money In Gmail – Google now let you send and request money in Gmail on Android

The entire process takes place in the Gmail app — you don’t have to have Google Wallet installed. In addition, recipients can configure it so the money they receive through Gmail goes directly into their bank account. There are no fees involved, notes Google.

The goal, seemingly, is to take on quick payment apps like PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash, by offering a feature to move money right within Gmail’s app. This could be useful for those times where the money is already a topic of an email conversation — like when you’re planning a trip with friends, or getting the family to go in together on a gift for your parents, for example.

But whether or not people would think to turn to Gmail for other uses, like splitting the dinner bill or paying friends back for drinks, is another matter.

These one-off use cases are still more easily managed in standalone payment apps, where you don’t have to face the clutter of a crowded inbox just to send a friend the few dollars you owe.

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Send and receive Money through Gmail | New Feature Payment

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