Google Announced Android One Moto X4 To Project Fi!

Its been a long time coming and Google finally got it done. They added another type of Android device to its Wireless service other than a Google Nexus or Pixel device. A lot of fans have been wanting this since the beginning and its here! Moto x4 is now with Project Fi! You can even pre-order the device now! Also trade-ins are welcome. Another video is coming about how to trade-in a project fi device for a new one.

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Mi A1 vs Moto G5s Plus 15 Point Comparison – Which is Better?

Moto G5s Plus vs Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Smartphone which one of these is the best mid-range smartphone? I divide this video in to 15 different points so that you can judge based on your requirement which one is better.

Mi A1 full review with Pros & Cons

Moto G5s Plus Review with Pros & Cons

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Moto X4 on Project FI (preorder today)

Project FI just released the Moto X4 on there network preorder now
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Moto X4 is coming to the US via Android One and Project Fi

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Moto X4 Android One with Project Fi Video

Moto X4 Android One with Project Fi Video

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At&t VS T-Mobile VS Project Fi- Data Speed Test

Hey guys this video I show the speeds of 3 different Cellular phone Carriers and Networks. Each have their own data speeds and lentacies and bandwidths. But, to be truthfully honest. It really depends on your coverage and locations. Not only that but also it depends on areas in houses and rooms and buildings. So as long as you have a decent connection and speed. Your phone service should be just fine. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more videos like this.

At&t Data Speed Test Video:

Project Fi DataSpeed Tests Part 1:

Project Fi Data Speed Tests Part 2:

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