Google Assistant rolling out to Android devices now

Users of Android 6.0 and higher will find a new feature on their phones with an update that brings along Google’s virtual assistant.

How to get Google assistant update faster

Click the link below to download the required Play services apk:
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Google Assistant is Coming to More Android Phones!

Google has announced that it’s previous “Pixel Exclusive” Google Assistant will now be rolling out to more Android phones! LG had earlier announced that the LG G6 will launch with the assistant.
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Google’s blog post about Google Assistant:
Shown on the LG G6 preview unit I have.

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Google Assistant review: Is it actually useful?

With Google Assistant spearheading the Google Pixel’s appeal (according to Google), is it something that can actually be found useful in its early stages?

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Siri vs Google Assistant vs Hound: Who Wins?

Like the new Google Assistant on the Pixel? Let’s pit Siri vs Google Assistant vs Hound and see how they all fare against weather, contextual, sports and fun queries.

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15 Cool Google Assistant Tricks You Should Try:

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How to install Google Assistant in any Android in TELUGU

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