Google Certified Associate Android Developers at GDD India

Learn how Google Certified Associate Android Developers have benefited from earning a Google Developers Certification and hear about their experiences at Google Developer Days India 2017. Team members, JP Souchak and Morgen Harvey, join alumni at the event to explain more about the program.

Google Developers Certification aims to bridge the gap between employers and individual developers. The Certification program helps developers to distinguish and promote themselves while demonstrating to employers who is qualified and capable of the tasks at hand. Take a certification exam to gain recognition for your skills as a developer. Get certified at

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Becoming a Certified Mobile Web Specialist

JP Souchak introduces the Mobile Web Specialist (MWS) Certification by Google.

To learn more about the Google Mobile Web Specialist certification and sign up for the exam, go to

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Life of a Certification Student

JP Souchak introduces the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Certification by Google. The AAD Certification is intended for developers who can display typical skills of an entry-level Android developer. By earning the AAD Certification, developers can get recognized for their skills and advance their careers.

There are several steps in the process towards becoming an AAD: determining if you are ready, getting training if necessary, and then signing up and taking the exam. When you sign up for the exam, you pay a certification fee, download the exam, and work on it in Android Studio. The exam is a performance-based exam in which you will be asked to write and debug code.

After you are finished with the exam, you will upload it and it will be reviewed through a combination of machine and human grading. If you pass the exam, you move on to the Exit Interview. When you’ve passed both the exam and the Exit Interview, you will receive a digital badge that you can share with employers, on your resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, and in your email signature.

To learn more about AAD Certification and sign up for the exam, go to

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This is how Google’s Hyderabad Office looks like

Google India Hyderabad Office looks truly awesome and an amazing place featuring stunning interiors, cutting edge designs, vivid colors, gorgeous artwork on walls, beautiful furniture and every other creative thing that makes work place a fun.

Google India has offices in- Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Mumbai.
It is largest India campus in Hyderabad. To recharge creative batteries, there’s an indoor cricket pitch and massage therapists. Googlers here celebrate festivals like Diwali and Eid ul-Fitr and the office also has foosball, ping-pong and pool tables, outdoor basketball court and indoor cricket pitch, a gym, a massage center and two outstanding cafeterias.

Chefs here prepare cuisines of all 28 Indian states, as well as dishes from around the world.
The Googly Hyderabad office has a wide variety of departments, including Ad Sales, User Support and Software Engineering.

See Inside Pics:

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Google Office Tour – Bangalore, India

My visit to Google India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore , India. Great experience.

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Reasons NOT To Buy Xiaomi Phones in India 2018! | Mi A2, Mi A1 Oreo Update Issue! [Hindi]

Hey Guys! In thia video, we have seen some reasons not to buy Xiaomi Phones in India in 2018. Also, the phones are very good and you can surely buy them. But, if your priorities are like those discussed in the video, then it might be a deciding factor for you.
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Atharva Puranik Signing Off
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