Uber Ride Booking No Longer Available In Google Maps For Android Devices
Uber fans with Android phones, keep in mind: they will no longer be able to book Uber trips directly through the Google Maps application. No one knows why the change is taking place, since the capabilities are extremely easy to use. Uber users simply needed to use their Google Maps application to find a trip, trace a route and even book the trip without having to open an Uber application. The function was launched for the first time in 2017.

With the new changes in effect, users can only assign a route and check prices. The actual reservation will have to be carried out through the Uber application, according to Google’s 9 to 5. Then, instead of a “book” button, people will see a “request” button, which will take them to the Uber application.

The change is wrapped up in secret, since Google has not explained in detail why they are implementing the new changes. CNET reported that the change has already taken place in the iOS version of Google Maps last summer. When asked for a comment, Google simply said that “we are always experimenting with new features for Google Maps.” According to the comments, we determine if these changes are implemented on a permanent basis.

However, there are speculations about the changes. Some believe it has a lot to do with Google having holdings in Lyft, which is perhaps Uber’s biggest competitor. According to reports, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, led a round of financing of $ 1 billion for Lyft in October, explained Engadget. In addition, it is worth noting that Lyft and Waymo reached an agreement in May 2017 to work together on driverless cars. Waymo operates under the parent company of Google.

Others believe that the move was made to “degrade” Uber to be on the same playing field as all other travel companies.

5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017

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Track Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017

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Avoid $40 monthly Uber Fee! Run Lyft & Uber driver apps on 1 Phone.

Avoid paying the Uber phone renter fee when driving for Multi Ride-Sharing Companies.

In this video I will show you How to run BOTH Uber Partner Driver App and Lyft Driver mode App SIMULTANEOUSLY from one smartphone. Increace your Rider request pings without the need of multi phones.

DO NOT RENT if you don’t need to. I also show you in action how to quickly disable the drive mode from one app when a request comes in to minimize the possibility of dual request pings which will cause you to have to reject a request and take a hit on the acceptance rating. This rating can cause you to be banned from the driving program as quick as having a bad driving rating.
I will show you the steps to avoid this quickly.

Remember that it will take over 10 minimum distance uber trips a month to cover the phone rental. Avoid it and run Lyft and Uber on one phone. Increase your earnings and Rider request ping chances.

I Produced this video in mid Jan 2015. The App may run and function differently with future upgrades. At time of filming these WERE the latest versions for Android OS. *Phone can not be rooted (Or root detectable) as the Uber Partner app will not run on a rooted phone.

Technical Information of products on this video of time of filming.
Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-T889) Running Android 4.3 (Jellybean) on T-Mobile
Lyft: Lyft for Android ver.
Uber: Uber Partner for Android ver. 3.18.1[Driver App}; Uber for Android ver. 3.31.1(299F8B4)[Rider App]{Not required for Drive to work}
Mobile Service: T-Mobile Simple Plan with Unlimited 4G-LTE Data Plan (This plan is no longer Advertised). Tmo Does Cap on other data plans but doesn’t charge overages nor cut the data off for going over the allocated amount (Unless abused), They slow the speed down. I have been told that even with the capped data, the GPS and Driver apps run BUT I personally have not tested nor confirmed for myself.
Bluetooth: Plantronics M55. I like this one because it’s cheap, has A2D2 Sound streaming plus the charger port is a mini usb just like the phone, So I leave charging in the car at night with the same plug that powers my mobile phone. Less Wires.
For those who actually care— Car: 2013 Dodge Avenger 2.2 4-cyl. 4 door. Base model. Car is GREAT on fuel.

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7 Cool Things You Can Do with Android’s Developer Options Menu [How-To]

How to Tweak Your Android Device with Developer Options
Full Tutorial:
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In this video, I’ll be showing you seven cool entries in Android’s “Developer options” menu. For most folks, the Developer Options menu only serves as a way to enable USB Debugging/ADB, but there are plenty of other cool utilities and tweaks that you can find in this awesome menu.

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How to Secretly Monitor Someone’s Text Messages on Android [How-To]

How to Secretly Monitor Someone’s Text Messages
Full Tutorial:
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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to install SMS Tracker on a device and access the SMS log online. Kids are constantly on their devices having lengthy conversations that may lead to some unfortunate outcomes. This free application will make it possible to better monitor your kid’s activities.

For more information and download links, check out the full tutorial over on Gadget Hacks using the link above.

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