Google Maps Mario Kart Easter Egg for android and ios 9.72.2 / how to install / MAR10 DAY

Google Maps Mario Kart special version available from 10.03-17.03. in the newest version of Google Maps 9.72.2

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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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How to make Colorful Egg Jello for Easter

i made colorful egg jelly for Easter!;)
they are strawberry,melon,lemon and peppermint.

ingredients(one color)
about 1g gelatin powder
about 50ml hot water
about 1tsp sugar
food dye

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Renault keycard fob ignition key replace battery DIY / Autoschlüssel Batterie wechseln

Renault keycard fob replace battery ignition key DIY how to do and save a lot of money key card / Batteriewechsel Fernbedienung Autoschlussel selbst durchgefuhren und jede Menge Geld sparen

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CR2032 Suitable batteries here available / passende Batterien gibt es hier

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Learn How to Backflip in 5 Minutes | ASAP

This is a tutorial on some secret exercises and techniques in order to learn the backflip in 5 minutes!
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Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk. Make sure you are warmed up and are in general shape before attempting.

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How To Play Android Nougat 7.0 Easter Egg Game

Android smartphone owners who have updated their devices to Android Nougat can utilize a handful of new features that come with the new operating system, from new diverse emojis to a multiwindow view. But Android Nougat also has a secret feature — an Easter egg — that Android hides in each OS.

Easter egg game is hidden in the device’s settings menu. To access, users need go to the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and tap on “About device” Here, there will be a “7.0,” which will fade away and be replaced with the letter “N” (for Nougat) after tapping on the number a few times. Tapping the N and then long-pressing it should bring forth a little cat emoji and activate the secret feline feature.

To Know More About Easter Egg Game Click On Link Below:-

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