Google Maps Mario Kart Easter Egg for android and ios 9.72.2 / how to install / wie einstellen

Google Maps Mario Kart special version available from 10.03-17.03. in the newest version of Google Maps 9.72.2

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Mario Kart Wii (Wii) Every Grand Prix / 150cc

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Standard Bike M / Manual

Mario Kart Wii is a racing video game developed and published by Nintendo, and released worldwide for the Wii video game console in April 2008. Mario Kart Wii was originally announced at E3 2007 by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

Like its previous installments of games, Mario Kart Wii incorporates playable characters from the Mario series, who participate in kart races on various race tracks using specialized items to hinder opponents or gain advantages. The game features multiple single-player and multiplayer game modes.

Mario Kart Wii takes advantage of the Wii Remote’s motion sensing to provide intuitive and conventional steering controls; each copy of the game is bundled with the Wii Wheel accessory to augment this feature. Alternate controllers to the Wii Wheel are proven to have an advantage over the Wii Wheel as for the wider and quicker controller input. Players are able to use the Wii’s other controllers, as well.

Mushroom Cup – 00:01:10

Shell Cup – 00:12:22

Flower Cup – 00:22:11

Banana Cup – 00:35:13

Star Cup – 00:48:35

Leaf Cup – 01:02:38

Special Cup – 01:16:07

Lightning Cup – 01:30:55

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Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Mega-Looping Crashbahn Evolution Megapista Rotate

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution / Mega-Looping Crashbahn / Evolution Megapista Rotate / Pista Megalooping Infernal / Acão Rotativa / Zestaw Roto Rewolucja / hier erhaltlich:
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How to Get Mario on Google Maps

Nintendo and Google Maps are teaming up to celebrate Mar10 day!

Update your Google Maps app on iOS and Android to see the new option to navigate with Mario!

If you really want to have some fun, try hitting the Question Mark Box 100 times for a special surprise.

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How to Solve the Rubik’s cube! (universal solution)

It’s possible to use one simple set of moves to solve any scrambled Rubik’s Cube! And it’s easy to remember!
Algorithm: L R2 B L’ R U2 F2 L B D U2 B L’ R2 B2 L’ D2 U L’ B2 U2 R2 B D2… psych!
This video is a complete joke. 100% made up!

There is no special ‘trick’ or lazy guys method for solving a Rubik’s Cube. This video was made as a response to obnoxious people who belittle people who have worked for years to solve the cube at incredibly fast times by claiming theres just a “trick”.

If you have a Rubik’s cube and you genuinely want to solve it then use the video I used to learn here:
That is a genuine Rubik’s Cube tutorial that WILL teach you the beginners method to solving a Rubik’s Cube.

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Super Mario Cat and Luigi begin their adventure to save the Princess!
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Directed by Mike Tivikoff
Music by Jon Bjork


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