Google Rolling Out New Functionality To Nexus, Pixel Devices

When it comes to Google’s Instant Tethering, only devices with a single Google account can connect and instantly access tethering from each other. Thus, an Android tablet that needs internet access can only connect and launch a phone’s tethering functionality if the latter is logged on to the same Google account.

Instant Tethering is reportedly rolling out for Nexus and Pixel devices with Android Nougat 7.1.1 OS first before coming to many other Android-running devices. The feature is currently being tested for other devices. Once testing is over, its availability could widen.

According to Android Police, Google is rolling out Google Play Services 10.2, a software update that comes with a feature called Instant Tethering. Based on its name alone, it’s pretty clear that this feature provides Android users with a means to instantly launch the tethering functionality of their phones. And that’s what it really does.

When a device needs WiFi connection, one does not need to unlock his or her phone and do the necessary steps to the mobile hotspot. The device can just connect to a phone via Bluetooth and instantly set up WIFI without going to Settings. If the phone’s Bluetooth is already turned on, there wouldn’t be a need to unlock it at all.

The Verge reports that this feature is similar to what Apple did to its Mac and iPhones. Mac users do not need to open their iPhone and manually setup the device to launch tethering. From the Mac, one can directly have access to the internet by launching the mobile hotspot of the iPhone. There’s a WiFi icon in the menu bar of Mac devices that connects and controls the iPhone’s mobile tethering switch

When you need instant internet connection but there’s no WiFi network from the establishments around you, your phone’s mobile hotspot capability is the tool you can rely on. However, setting up your phone’s hotspot tends to be a little tedious. Google is addressing this issue with its new Android-only feature that’s coming first to Nexus and Pixel devices.

Instant Tethering | Instant Tethering Feature In Nougat 7.1.1 Android

Instant Tethering | Instant Tethering Feature In Nougat 7.1.1. Android.

Instant Tethering feature will keep Android users online

Guys, Android 7.1.1 Has a new feature called Instant Tethering. With this new Feature, anytime one of your Google apparatus that are registered loses a mobile connection, it will automatically send a request to permit the device to tether with your other Android cellphone or tablet computer. No set up is necessary, thanks to Bluetooth. The screen will even reveal to you the battery life of the other apparatus.

Instant Tethering will be available first for Nexus and Pixel devices running on Android 7.1.1. The Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablet computers cannot send out a Wi-Fi sign and thus will simply link to your compatible phone. This will work on Marshmallow as well as Nougat. Meanwhile, two telephones will probably have the ability to work with each other if one of their signals goes down.

The Nexus and Pixel devices will likely be receiving the feature first. Be patient, should it not show up yet. Instant Tethering is now beginning its long and winding road through Android cellphones and tablets.

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