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Turn Your Old Android Phone/Tablet into the Ultimate Car GPS

This video shows how to turn your old unused Android Cell Phone or Tablet into a dedicated Car GPS that far surpasses stand alone GPS units.

The guide will instruct how to sync the Phone or Tablet with the car using the app Automateit and enabling auto power on when USB Cable is plugged in. This makes it so the Phone or Tablet powers on when the car is started and powers off when the car is turned off.

You can use any offline GPS app (video shows Sygic Navigation).

A huge advantage of using a Modified Android Phone/Tablet as a dedicated car GPS is the ability to install Android Apps.

Phone/Table synced to the car allows for in dash installs.

Rooted Android Phone/Tablet
Moderate Computer Skills

Apps Needed:
Sygic Offline Navigation (or your choice of Navigation App)

Video Overview:
1. Install Automateit
2. Install Sygic Offline Navigation
3. Set Automateit Rules
4. Enable Auto Power on when USB Cable is Plugged in
5. Test out GPS

Install Android SDK Tools Video:


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What’s new with Android TV (Google I/O ’18)

Come learn about Android TV’s new flagship device, new features, recent system enhancements, and platform evolution.

Here are some addition resources to dive further into what was covered in the talk!
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Google I/O 2018 important announcements

Google’s annual developer conference usually gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the company for the next several months. This year’s I/O opening keynote was no different as yesterday’s 2-hour event was jam-packed with AI, Android, accessibility and more.

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😀Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Kids Songs from Dave and Ava 😀

Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Kids Songs from Dave and Ava

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Looking for some nursery rhymes to keep your little ones entertained for a circle time? Check out our new live stream! We are going to follow the adventures of The Cow Named Lola and all the nice crowd from Dave and Ava’s farm.

Watch more nursery rhymes from Dave and Ava:

🙌 Five Little Gummy Bears | Counting Songs and Nursery Rhymes from Dave and Ava 🙌

🐎 Farm Animals Song | Learn Farm Animals and Animal Sounds | Dave and Ava 🐄

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How To Blur Your Image Background Like as DSLR with Snapseed App & Editing Tutorial (Android & IOS)

How To Blur Your Image Background Like as DSLR with Snapseed App & Editing Tutorial (Android & IOS)

In this video I show You, How To Blur Your Image Background Like as DSLR.


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