Hey guys today I made a video about Seth and hamumu getting hacked. Enjoy ;]

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Hamumu HACKED?! + ARE YOU SAFE | Growtopia (@ShadowSurfer)


EDIT: There WILL be a Rollback now… please check down below at the *pinned* comment for more info!!


In this video I’m here to update you all on what happened recently with Seth and Hamumu, and to inform you on way to KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT SAFE! Don’t miss it!!


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🌌Growtopia | The Story of the Rollbacks in Growtopia!

This video explains the story behind rollback 1-3!What happen during the rollback?What is a Null Seed? Negative Gems Exists?When did it take place?Will a rollback return?Glitch seed?Rollback Plaque Block only can be made on apology weekend!

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MADE A VIDEO W/ @SETH (Got Banned) **Not Clickbait**

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☑ In this video I hang out with @Seth and have a little fun. Oh, he also bans me…

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☑ Everything you need to know about what is going on here, in this video… stay tuned 🙂

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What *REALLY* happened to Seth and Hamumu (VOICE) | Growtopia

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