GTasks ToDo List Android app review

Gtasks: ToDo List & Task List is a simple but effective task list (or todo list, as you may call it) for Android. It is easy to use and synchronizes with Google, but its design could use a refreshment and it lacks more advanced features.

Best to-do list app ever: Google Keep

Sick of keeping track of lists and tasks? Google Keep could be for you.
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The best to-do list apps for your smartphone – This Is My Next

To-do list apps for iPhone and Android offer more than a check box with text. We look at Wunderlist, Todoist, Omnifocus and others to find the best app.


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Top 6 Best To Do List Apps for Android of 2017

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Is Your Calendar the Best To-Do List? (How to Add Tasks to Any Calendar)

Is your calendar the best tool for managing your to-do list? There is certainly no shortage of task manager apps on the market (Wunderlist, Any.Do, Todoist, etc.). But you may already be using the best application for managing the things you need to get done.

Most people don’t realize that their calendar can be a very effective way to manage their tasks. It doesn’t matter if you use Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple’s iCloud Calendar. Every calendar application has the ability to be a to-do list if you apply these simple techniques.

In this video, Scott Friesen shows you how to create and manage tasks within a calendar so you can perform at your productive best.



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