How to c programming on android /very easy way.

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Aaj me apko batane vala hu ki ham c programming android mobile me kese kar sakte he?

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Easily install and run turbo c/ c++ on Android smartphone

Hey guys
Here is the new method how to learn programming in Android phone

Binary updator file :-

App name : magic doxbox

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How to write and compile C/C++ Source code Using Android Device

In this video i will show u how to write and compile C/ C++ source code using your android smartphone ..All u need an complie which comes preloaded in IDE ( Integrated development enivronment ) ..
I think CPP DROID is one of the best IDE for c/c++ on android at the moment ..


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How to create a simple calculator in C programming

From this tutorial you can learn easiily how to desing a basic calculator in c.
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How to: Run and compile C programs in android phone

Hello Friends, Here i am going to show you-“How to: Run and compile C programs in android phone”


Download_DroidEdit –

Download_ZIP File –

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