How to calibrate your GPS on Google Maps for Android ?

1. Tape your location (Blue spot on our screen)
2. Select “Calibrate blue dot compass”
3. Tilt and move your phone 3 times

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How to calibrate compass on Android

In this video, I’ll show you how to fix your compass on your mobile device (Android).
A week ago, I had a problem with the compass on my Samsung Galaxy S4.
It didn’t work and showed constantly the wrong direction.
This was very annoying, especially in Google Maps.
So this is how I fixed it.

Download link GPS-Status:

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Top 10 tips for using Google Maps

Google Maps can do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Here are 10 of our favorite tips and tricks.




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Satellite Director, find a satellite in 30 seconds

Finding a satellite in 30 seconds is possible.
It is all in the preperation:
– Watch this video
– Verify the compass of your phone and calibrate it if needed
– Start Satellite Director
– – screen1: get a GPS location fix
– – screen 2: select the satellite you want
– – screen 3: get the elevation for the satellite dish
– set the elevation of the dish, if needed compensate the elevation if the surface is not flat
– Do the same the actions as seen in the video

Once you found the satellite (not in the video):
– Fine tune the dish azimuth and elevation to gain maximum signal strength.
– adjust the lnb skew to gain maximum signal strength.

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Fix and calibrate GPS on your Android device

We show you a couple of tricks on how to get your Android GPS working properly again.

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How to Fix GPS arrow showing Wrong Way | Side Ways | Google Maps | Apple Maps

How to Fix GPS arrow showing Wrong Way | Side Ways | Google Maps | Apple Maps in Easy Steps.

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