how to change voice during call on android | how to call with mimicry in telugu

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[In Nepali] How To Listen Any Mobile Call Recordings on Your Smartphone ? Android Tips and Tricks

Welcome To Onic Computer Official Nepali Technical Channel !
Hi Guys, you can hear your wife mobile Audio Call Recordings on your mobile easily
[In Nepali] How To Listen Any Mobile Call Recordings on Your Smartphone ?
Android Tips and Tricks
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About This RMC App
RMC – Record My Call has a basic purpose to record all your call (incoming and outgoing). Please be noticed that due to limitation of Android phone (hardware and software), this program only can record from microphone. Please turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to get clear voice from the other side. All conversations are recorded under file “RecordMyCall” file in memory card. Please use speaker to get a better record quality during call.

•Please check ‘Show Notification’ or disable ‘Hide Mode’ from setting if your call is split into a couple files.
•Please enter your passcode with format **## on dialer app. This code will open the application RMC when you choose hide mode. You can uninstall and re-install the application to reset the password. It will not delete your recording, but you need to setup the application again.

•Record all incoming and outgoing call automatic and manual mode
•Movable manual record button
•Support two folders to keep the recordings (unsorted and important)
•Advance search with many option to find recordings
•Automatic filter recording based on ‘Known Number’, ‘Unknown Number’, and selected contacts (incoming / outgoing call)
•Advance rename recording files
•Show / hide recording notification
•Auto delete recording if not reach certain time (optional)
•Show review after call (optional)
•Support mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio format
•Customable channel (mono/stereo), sample rate, and bitrate
•Gain volume (multiply audio input) with mp3 format
•Auto cleanup unsorted recordings for certain time (optional)
•Support trash folder to avoid accidental deletion
•Auto delete trash regularly
•Change recording home folder
•Backup and restore setting
•Support 4 digit passcode
•Totally hide application (seamless recording)
•Play recording in the background (recording still play when press home button)
•Automatic upload to Dropbox or / and Google Drive in the background

Currently the app does not work on some phones. Please go to my website for phone compatibility ( before install it. You can also download the apk from the same website if Android Market does not provide the link.

•Read Phone Status: Detect incoming + outgoing call
•Record Audio: Record call
•Read Contacts: Filtering contact (which recorded or not) + Renaming file based on contact name
•Read / Write Storage: Store recording files on USB storage or SD-card
•Google Account: Upload recordings to Google Drive for backup
•Internet Connection: Upload recordings to Google Drive + Dropbox for backup
•Bluetooth: Different action if phone connected to Bluetooth
•Prevent From Sleeping: Prevent fail recording for long call
•Change Audio Setting: Turn on loudspeaker by option
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Get a Phone Call or a Text Message from a Specific Person ✅ LOA

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Are you sitting by the phone waiting, anxious, nervous, and wondering why your phone is not ringing? STOP! Use this amazing technique for getting a text or phone call from a specific person without fear, anxiety and worry. It is time to relax and use the Law of Attraction to communicate with a specific person. Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach, Robert Zink for this empowering LOA video. Learn how to change your vibration so that the text and calls you are waiting for come quickly. Manifest calls and manifest text within days, hours, and even minutes. Learn the secrets to attracting calls or text from lovers, opportunities, and family. Communicate with your ex or new employer FAST with the Law of Attraction.


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NEW SCAM + 5 Common Phone Scams to Watch Out For

Watch Out for these common phone scams so you don’t get tricked!
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There are lots of scams you need to watch out for, but I thought I would go over some common ones, including a brand new scam known as the “can you hear me” scam. It involves the scammer recording you saying Yes so they can use it later to charge you bogus fees. I also discuss other scams such as the call forwarding scam, the windows tech support scam, and others. Plus how to avoid scams in general.

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How to Listen Other Android Mobile Call Records From Your Smartphone In TELUGU 2018

How to Listen Other Android Mobile Call Records From Your Smartphone In TELUGU 2018

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Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

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This is a sequel to my other video on the food environment in Japan titled “Why is it so easy to be thin in Japan?”
Having lived in America and now living in Japan, it’s interesting to see how very different these two food environments are. I’ve seen comments on another one of my videos about low carb saying something like “Oh sure, you can lose weight on low carb, which is why all the rice eating Japanese people are so thin, right?”
So with this video (and maybe the last one), I’m hoping to show that the diet over here is more complex than just “high carb”

0:00 – Intro: America & Japan
0:42 – People walk more in Japan
1:35 – Portion sizes are smaller
2:30 – America and Soda
2:40 – Rice vs. Wheat
3:50 – Fermented foods keeping the gut healthy
5:14 – Meat consumption is balanced with Fish consumption
5:54 – Muscle meat and organ meat balance
7:57 – Green Tea
8:43 – School Lunches in Japan

A pdf of the transcript with links to my sources can be found here:

– – –

Big thanks to Greg from “Life Where I’m From” for letting me use some shots from his video “Tokyo by Train” ! – (They’re the professional shots near the start of people walking in Kamakura / around the train station)
-Make sure and check out his channel – it’s very interesting, especially if you’re interested in Japan:
– – –
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