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FREE WiFi Hotspot/Tethering for ALL Devices (PDANet+/Foxfi) NO ROOT

Thanks for Watching!! If Foxfi and PDANet+ are blocked on your Play Store, use the following links to check and download them:

Foxfi Compatability Check:

Foxfi Installer:

PDANet+ Installer:

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Free wifi hotsopt (free wifi tethering) No root required!!

This video tells you how to tether for free without paying additional money to your cell phone service carriers and its 100% legal. You do not require to root your phone to do this. Its a free application.
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How to Use Your Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

This video shows you how to use your Android mobile cell phone as a WiFi hotspot so it can share its internet with other devices such as laptops, PCs, Smart TVs etc.
Many thanks Vince
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Published: 2017-01-29 17:06:55
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How to print from your Android phone or tablet

Though not as powerful as their desktop or laptop counterparts, Android phones and tablets are capable of the tasks that desktops or laptops can do — yes, including printing. If you ever needed to send a file from your Android device to your printer, this tutorial might be of help. In this video, learn how to print from your Android phone or tablet.

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HARD FORCE SHUTDOWN – FACTORY RESTORE & BACKUP & RESET – 3 RESET WAYS on ANDROID TABLETS REVIEW, look for a tiny reset pinhole along the case it may reset the tablet too All RESETTING Ways Below Holding Down Certain Sequence of Keys or Buttons will put Most Tablets or Android Phones in Service mode to Factory Restore to New.
Hold Vol + & Power 20 sec
Hold Vol – & Power 20 sec
Hold Vol + – & Power 20 sec
Hold Home & Power 20 Sec
Hold Vol + & home & Power 20 sec
Hold vol – & home & power 20 sec
Hold Vol + – & Home & Power 20 Sec
Hold Reset Button 30 sec
Note- Use Volume + – to Move Up and Down in Service menu But you Can Use a usb mouse to Select Option in Android Settings To backup & Restore too

in the Video Description there is More different Ways to Reset Tablets
1 Hold Volume + & Power 20 sec
2 Hold Vol – & Power 20 sec
3 Hold Vol + – & Power 20 sec
4 Hold Home & Power 20 Sec
5 Hold Vol + & home & Power 20 sec
6 Hold vol – & home & power 20 sec
7 Hold Vol + – & Home & Power 20 Sec
8 Hold Reset Hole Button 30 sec
9 Open Tablet cover and unplug battery wire for 20 sec.
10 Plug Tablet into PC using data cable & download Software from Their Website Support Tab.
11 Hold Power 20 sec.
Technical Customer Support Number
Google Play team, call 855-836-3987
HTC ANDROID- Phone:1866-449-8358
GOOGLE telephone: +1 650 253 0000 OR Phone:1650-623-4000
ASUS customer tech Product Support: PC/ tablet repair services 1-888-678-3688 or 1877-339-2787
Samsung -1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
i Hope This Helps, “Share” this Video on Facebook if this May Help your Family or Friends Fix Their Tablets 8^)

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