How to connect internet from Mobile to Pc/Laptop via tethering

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In this video you can learn How to connect internet from Mobile to Pc/Laptop via tethering in Hindi. Very simple steps and live detail you can watch in this video.

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Connect pc internet to mobile via wifi without Router

How to Connect pc internet to mobile via wifi without Router . Connect other Laptop , Tab, Android phone with wifi connection or wireless hotspot connection.
How to share internet connection from pc to android mobile.
Connectify hotspot 2016 how to use ? or how to connect connectify hotspot to mobile or smartphones ?
How to create wifi Hotspot in Laptop by using cmd (command prompt) Check this video

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Connect internet Mobile to Mobile via WiFi Hotspot Tethering

How to Connect pc Internet to Mobile via wifi Without Software

How to connect wifi internet with Mobile phone and computer

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Here is the way to connect to internet in PC through Your android mobile without any dail-up connections or PC suits…

This is the easiest way i have found… You don’t need any PC suit or kies.

this might work in all android device…

This is not a free internet or etc. trick. it’s not even a trick.

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-Darshit Shah

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How To Connect Your Android Mobile To PC Cable/Wifi | [ Urdu/Hindi]

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In This video i guide you how to connect the android mobile to computer to manage the apps, contacts, videos, pictures etc.,

is video ma ap ko btaya ha k ap kis tarha apny android mobile ko computer k sath kis tarha connect kar

Wondershare MirrorGo for computer

Downloed app of wondershare for mobile

** This video is only for education purpose not for illegal activities **


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Share your PC internet connection with Android Mobile Phone to connect to the Internet

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This small tutorial will show you how to share your internet connection
with your phone using an usb cable.

Note: Root methods can be found on xda or simply searching on Youtube. 🙂

Note: use the original cable provided by the manufacturer only, as that
will give best reliability.
using any standard usb cable works also.

Note: will work on rooted and unrooted phones also.

Tested on:

1. Unite 2 by me and Saptaparni Das
2. iball slide perfomance 3g q7271 by Athi Palam
3. A114 Canvas 2.2 by Deepesh Das
4. Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra by JV Zacarias

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This is meant for people who have no wireless routers or whose routers are otherwise not available at the moment due to various reasons.

That’s about it.

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NOTE: if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. no way around it.

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How to share internet connection from pc to mobile phone via usb cable.

In This Video I Will Show You How to share internet connection from pc or laptop to android mobile via usb cable without rooting . this only works with windows 8 , 7 , and xp with android phone only This is the easiest procedure to share your desktop internet on mobile .

The steps are following:

1 . Connect your desktop or laptop to internet.

2. Connect your android mobile phone to your pc using usb data cable.

3.In your android phone go to settings , and under wireless and network settings , you find an option called – usb internet sharing. , check the box. once you tick the box automatically a driver will install on your desktop and it will create a network connection in your network settings in control panel of pc.

4.Now go to the properties of the network connection which is active on your desktop and chick on sharing tab , there you need to turn on network devices sharing , and select the usb mobile connection from the drop down button.


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