How to connect internet in pc with android mobile?

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In this video you can learn to connect internet in pc with any android mobile???
First of all just open your Data connection and go to play store and search Usb tethering and Install it then open it and click on Run tethering..
Then your Data will be connected to pc and you can enjoy internet in pc…
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How To Connect Android Mobile Device To Windows 7 PC With USB [Micromax, Samsung]

This video is an attempt to answer below questions:

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How To Connect Android Phone To Windows 7?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows 7 Homegroup?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows 7 Pc?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows 7 Via Bluetooth?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows 8?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows Media Player?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows PC?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows XP?
How To Connect Android Phone To Windows XP For Internet?

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How to Connect Internet to Your Computer Using an Android Phone?

Hello! in this video tutorial shows how to connect internet to your PC / laptop via USB. First you need an android phone or i phone and a USB cable also. Next connect your phone to computer via USB. Next in your phone go to Settings – Mobile hotspot and tethering – there have 3 options. there are Mobile hotspot, Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering. You need to turn on USB tethering while USB connected with phone. Overall finished. Then go to your browser check the internet connection. Thank you!


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Here is the way to connect to internet in PC through Your android mobile without any dail-up connections or PC suits…

This is the easiest way i have found… You don’t need any PC suit or kies.

this might work in all android device…

This is not a free internet or etc. trick. it’s not even a trick.

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-Darshit Shah

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How to access remote desktop via wifi using android mobile or android tv without internet

In this video , I am going to show you , How to access your pc using an android mobile via Wi-Fi without internet connection?
You need a wifi connection where both pc and android mobile are connected to the same network. First of all you need to setup remote setting in your pc which allow you to be connected via external connection. It’s very simple just couple of clicks.
So let’s begin.

You can install the same app in your android tv. I will show you quickly,

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