How to customize Android Smartphone with KWGT and Nova Launcher

Learn how to customize your Android smartphone with Nova
Launcher and KWGT custom widget maker.

Jump to KWGT tutorial: 7:46

It is really easy and absolutely a delight once you learn how to use it. The more you play with it and try it out – the better you get at it.

Customizing Android in simple steps.
Learn how to use KWGT widgets and Nova launcher to customize your Android smartphone. Easily change the grid size, apply icon packs, enable/disable dock, change folder previews, add customizable gestures, customize app drawer, resize widgets and much more with Nova Launcher.

KWGT widgets gives you access to more than thousands of widgets. Time based widgets, location based widgets, social widgets, app based widgets, text based widgets, music based widgets, etc. are possible kind of widgets that you can create, customize and place on your homescreen.

Widgets can also be customize not just in appearance but also in their functionality. You can create hotspots on each widget and make every element perform a different action. All of this is explained in the video. So watch the entire video to learn to do that!

The royalty-free music used in this video is ‘Social Network’ by Michael Adels.
(, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description.
Here is a link to the terms of the license:

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How to use Nova Launcher

Learn how to use basic features on Nova to get you started on customizing your Android experience.



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Homescreen Setup Tutorial v4.0! [Step by Step]

Here’s the long-awaited setup tutorial for my most recent OnePlus 6T setup! Hope you guys enjoy! App links below!

What’s on My Android Phone – Early 2019

Nova Launcher –

Nova Launcher Prime –

Moxy Icon Pack –

CandyCons Icon Pack –


KWGT Pro –

huk KWGT –

Outline KWGT –

Foxie KWGT –

Month Calendar –

Wallpaper (4 extras) –

Rainpaper –

Nova Google Companion –

Unread Counts –

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كيف يعمل لانشر نوفا على أكمل وجه Nova Launcher

تكملة موضوع سابق
كيف يعمل لانشر نوفا على أكمل وجه Nova Launcher

لتحميل نوفا لانشر
Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime

TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher

لزيادة عدد التطبيقات التي تريد لها أن تظهر كإشعار كل ما عليك هو اخيار الطبيق من خلال تطبيقات تسلا TeslaUnread

يوجد خطوة على بعض الهواتف مثل هواوي وسامسونج وهي

خطوة تعليق التطبيق:
اضغط على زر تعدد المهام وهو بشكل مربع أو عكس زر العودة
ستجد كل التطبيقات المفتوحة
اذهب لنوفا لانشر وستجد شعار قفل بجانبه أضغط عليه لكي تقفله.

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Luckily Unlucky | Hyderabadi Comedy Video | Azhar N Ali

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