How To Customize Your Mobile Screen-Customize Android Screen

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Top 50 Best Root Apps for Android 2017-2018!

Hey guys in this video i am going to show you Top 50 Best Root Apps for Android 2017-2018…

1. Device Control:
2. Root Checker:
3. Root Master:
4. Super Su:
5. Kernel Adiutor:
6. System App Remover:
7. Root Browser File Manager:
8. Flashify:
9. Wifi WPS WPA Tester:
10. L Speed:
11. Quick Reboot:
12. Greenify:
13. Fontster:
14. Boot Animations for Superuser:
15. TWRP Manager:
16. Titanium Backup:
17. Busy Box:
18. DiskDigger photo recovery:
19. Simple Control(Navigation bar):
20. ROM Toolbox Lite:
21. Xposed GEL Settings:
22. Get Assistant:
23. NetCut:
24. Root Essentials:
25. Build Prop Editor:
26. Bloatware Remover:
27. sEFix:
28. X Privacy Installer:
29. A logcat:
30. OTA Updates:
31. Device Id Changer:
32. App Ops:
33. Speed Up Swap:
34. Repeti Touch:
35. Screen Standby:
36. Cheat Droid? PRO:
37. StabilityTest:
38. Notifications Off:
39. Proxy Droid:
40. Easy DPI Changer:
41. GMD Gesture Control [Paid]:
42. Drony:
43. WPS Connect:
44. LED Control:
45. FoxFi (WifiTether):
46. App Disabler:
47. Hide App and Hide Application Icon:
48. GL to SD:
49. Recently:
50. WhatsCloud:
51. Substratum Theme Engine:
52. Superuser:
53. mc tweaker:

Did we miss your favorite app? Let us know in the comments below!

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DIY Phone Case Life Hacks! 20 Phone DIY Projects & Popsocket Crafts!

DIY phone case and DIY popsocket ideas! In this DIY crafts video I show 20 DIY phone ideas and phone life hacks for new iPhone or android. Find out how to make a fidget spinner popsocket, DIY phone holder, DIY phone case from scratch, DIY phone case without a case or silicone phone case and other DIY phone accessories like DIY headphones and DIY phone pouch! I also included a DIY liquid phone case, DIY hot glue phone case and DIY phone case with nail polish. These DIY phone projects for kids, girls and boys are really easy, simple to make.

Whether you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 7, android, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei or other mobile phone. These DIY phone projects will make your cell phone look brand new.

Help me translate this DIY Phone video:

In this phone makeover video I show you several DIY phone case ideas and phone hacks. One of them is DIY silicone phone case! It is made out of only 2 ingredients, which are corn starch and silicone. It is a great way to make a DIY phone case from scratch or a DIY phone case without a case. I also show how to make a DIY liquid phone case. That’s right you can make a real aquarium phone case. It is very simple and prefect for boys or girls. How about a DIY phone case with nail polish? Yeas please! You can create an easy phone case which looks like a glaze with lots of sprinkles. It’s very inexpensive and perfect for beginners. All the animal lovers will definitelly like a pretty monster phone case. It is a great DIY toy and phone case in one. You can even make an epic phone case out of beads! I show you how to make an easy phone case using hama beads or perler beads. It is such a fun DIY project to try. Besides these amazing DIY phone cases I also show you how to create beautiful phone cases using a clear phone case – We will make DIY galaxy phone case, swimming pool case, jeans case and desert case.

Popsockets have been a huge trend lately. I show you how to make 7 DIY popsockets – DIY popsocket without suction cup, DIY popsocket that actually pops, DIY posocket without glue, DIY popsocket from scratch, DIY popsocket with suction cups. You can use drawer or cabinet knobs for your popsockets. Another epic idea is a fidget spinner popsocket or fake flower popsocket. You can also buy cheap white popsockets and decorate them with nail polish or sharpies.

DIY phone pouch! Make a DIY phone pouch from a sock. This phone hack is so simple and useful! Especially if you carry your phone in a bag together with keys and other sharp objects. It will keep your phone screen protected from schratches!

DIY headphones! Are your headphones getting tangled all the time? Try making DIY fuzzy headphones out of yarn! They are so soft and snuggly plus your headphones will never get tangled again.

You can make so many amazing DIY phone case projects for your iPhone or android. Have fun crafting!

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Galaxy S9: First 10 Things to Do!

Once you’ve got that Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ out of the box, what should you do? We’ve got a list of the first 10 things or tips and tricks to consider doing, like getting your security right with lock screen settings, learning to launch the camera quickly, tweaking quick settings shortcuts, deciding on Bixby or Samsung Edge Screen, and looking through the list of Advanced Features.

We’ll have more Galaxy S9 tips and tricks later, along with our S9 review, but this should get you off to a solid start.

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Tricks To Do With Developer Option in Android! [HD]

Hey guys…
In this ideo i am going to talk about what is Developer mode in android devices…
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Top 10 Best Must Have Rooted Apps Of 2016 Of ALL TIME

Root apps rooted apps top 10 rooted apps official root must have rooted apps best of all time why root top 5 rooted apps rooted user root apps best root apps for 2014 2015 best rooted apps of all time favorite root applications top 10 5 15 20 30 40 rooted root apps Top 10 Best Must Have Rooted Apps Of 2015 Of ALL TIME

Visit the #1 Android Website:
Top 10 Best Rooted Apps:

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The Cleaner:

1. Device Control
2. Titanimum Backup
3. Flashify
4. GMD Immersive Mode
5. Xposed Installer
6. Greenify
7. ROM Toolbox
8. Root Explorer
9. AdBlock Plus
10. SCR Screen Recorder

Twitter: @androidcritics
Instagram: @androidcritics
Best Rooted Apps:
Visit the #1 Android Website:

Top 20 “Must Have” Root Apps for Rooted Android Devices – Part 1 – 2013 Top Best Root Apps 2015 Top 15 ROOT Apps for Android 2014 Top 5 Rooted Apps For Android Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android | 2015 Top 20 “Must Have” Root Apps for Rooted Android Devices – Part 4 – 2013 – Android Tips #12 13 best root apps for Android ***10 Best Root Apps For Android*** 2014 Top 5 Apps For Your Freshly Rooted Android Why Root? Top 5 Must Have Root Apps – 2015 (4) Top 15 ROOT Apps for Android (Galaxy Note 4) – Part 3/3

Best Features Of S6 Edge:
Wave Launcher:
Increase Battery Life:

Top 10 Best Must Have Rooted Apps Of 2015 Of ALL TIME
Top 10 Best Must Have Rooted Apps Of 2015 Of ALL TIME
Top 10 Best Must Have Rooted Apps Of 2015 Of ALL TIME
Top 10 Best Must Have Rooted Apps Of 2015 Of ALL TIME

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