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How To Make Your Mac Run Faster

Want to know how to keep your mac running like new? You don’t need to have any experience to know how to keep your mac running as fast as possible.

Links to software discussed in the video:

CCleaner –
MalwareBytes –
Clean My Mac 3 –

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How to Assemble an Inexpensive Desktop Computer Using the Raspberry Pi 3

This video will show you how to assemble a full fledged desktop computer for under $75.00 using the Raspberry Pi 3, including:
-The parts you need
-How to format an SD Card and install the operating system
-How to connect the hardware
-The first time startup
-How to update and upgrade the file systems
-How to set the localization specifications
-A tour of the desktop including the Libre Office word processor, Claws mail, Chromium web browser and the available integrated development environments
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What To Do When Your Computer Won’t Start – From the Desktop with Kevin & Randy

Learn how to troubleshoot your computer when it won’t start, otherwise known as “no boot”. This video will help you isolate where the problem is occurring and give you steps for fixing the problem.

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How to Clean Install macOS Sierra



Storage Devices 1:02
Downloading macOS 1:49
Checking Prerequisites 3:15
Backing up your Drive 4:15
Formatting your Drive 5:02
Copying the Command 6:22
Creating the USB 7:04
What computer to install on? 8:22

Your USB and Power: 8:50
Restarting you Computer 9:33
Booting from the Installer 10:21
macOS Utilities 10:28
Formatting your Hard Drive 10:42
Installing macOS Sierra 11:35
Setting up your mac 12:28

Upgrade Requirements:
Macworld Instructions:
USB Flash Drive:
macOS Sierra:

Terminal Command:
sudo /Applications/Install macOS –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install macOS

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How to easily install windows on Mac without USB 2018

Here in this video i have shown how to install windows on a MacBook pro retina but same guide can be used for MacBook, Macmini, iMac.

The only thing we need for this installation is a copy of windows 10 that can be downloaded from link below.

Windows 10 Download link:

To know if your Mac is 32-bit or 64-bit click here & follow instructions:

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