how to download and use one drive in desktopleptop and android full tutorial in hindi

IN this video i explane u all about one drive
its full function
and also how to use it in pc or android
watch my full video and get full information about one drive
link to download one drive FOR PC
link to downlod one drive for android
for using one drive u need microsft account you can make it from this link
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11 Hidden Chrome Features (You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner)

TOP SECRET (not really) cool chrome features you probably didn’t know about.
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Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers across all computers, but most people only know about the most basic features. This video goes into several hidden lesser-known features and settings you may have not known about, but will be glad you do now. Some are very useful, and others are just for fun to impress your friends. Either way, now your computer’s internet browser will be even more useful.

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11 Chrome Settings You Should Change Now!

Those default Google Chrome settings are no good! Here is what to change.

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser right now, but most people just leave the settings on default without even knowing about things they could or should change. Some of these settings are on by default that you should disable, and others are cool features that are not enabled by default, but you’ll want to turn on. This video goes over 11 of these settings, which include some found in the regular settings menu, as well as some in the hidden “chrome flags” menu, found at chrome://flags . Everything from a new way to mute noisy tabs, to faster downloading with chrome.



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OneDrive 2017 – How to Tutorial on Microsoft Windows 10 – Sync Files in One Drive to File Explorer

Use the link above to earn an extra 0.5 GB of storage space for free. By using the link, you’ll get 5.5 GB of free storage instead of 5.0.

This tutorial covers Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10. I show elements of Office 365 and various features of 2016 and 2017 Office software. This demo is geared towards beginners who want to learn more about Microsoft OneDrive. This video shows you how to download and install OneDrive, how much it costs, what is Onedrive, how to create an account, how to download files, how to upload files, creating folders, and how to sync OneDrive with your Windows 10 File Explorer

This video covers Microsoft OneDrive
What is it?
How much does it cost?
Creating a OneDrive
Downloading Files
Uploading Files
Creating Folders
Syncing to Windows 10

My goal is to provide you with the best learning environment possible, for all beginners of technology. Please see a list of topics below that my various playlists cover, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Computer Fundamentals:
Computer Case Types – Dell Inspiron AMD 3656
Printer Ports and Types
The Boot Up Process
How to Get Your Computer Questions Answered
Undo Your Mistakes on Windows 10 or Apple Mac
Routers vs. Modems
What is the Cloud? Storage as a Service
Types of Internet Services on Google Android or Apple iPhone
Browsing the Web
Why Use the Cloud?
Microsoft OneDrive – Creating Uploading Downloading and Syncing

Also, check out these other playlists to improve your Office 365 and Job Search Skills

Word 2016:
Create a New Document and Insert Text
Insert and Format Graphics
Insert and Modify Text Boxes
Create a Table
Format a Table
Present a Word Document Online
Create a Research Paper in MLA Format
Insert Footnotes in a Research Paper
Create Citations and a Bibliography
Save a Document
Correct Errors as You Type
How to Format a Document in APA Format

Excel 2016:
Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook
Enter Data in a Worksheet
How do you Export Access to Excel and Apply Conditional Formatting
Use Flash Fill, SUM, Average, Median, and MAX Functions and Formulas
Move Data and Rotate Text
Graph Data with a Pie Chart
Format a Pie Chart
MOS Prep – Basic Functions and Formulas

Outlook 2016
Basic Tutorial

Job Search Skills:
Values, Attitude, and Goals

Video Requests:
Download GMetrix Test Preparation Software

Remember, the goal of my channel is for you to learn. You can request a video at any time in the comment section, and I will make the video for you. I will make tutorials and simulations and demos for whatever you’d like to learn in our class. So, I encourage you to make a request. I also YouTube Live Stream once a week to answer your questions!

Instructor A Morgan

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(5 Ways) How to Repair Corrupted Memory Card USB Drive and External Hard Disk

Learn How to Repair a Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash using these 5 methods.
If you’re looking for ways to repair a corrupted SD card or USB drive. Then this is the video for you. This video will show you 5 different ways to fix USB drive not formatting problem.
If none of these methods worked for you then at the end of this video you will see how to Backup data from a corrupted SD card or USB drive.

Steps used in this video to Repair a Corrupted SD Card.

1. Check for errors (chkdsk)at 0:54
2. Changing Drive Letter at 3:10
3. Update USB Drivers at 4:42
4. Using Diskpart or CMD (it will format your device) 6:56
5. Use a Partition Tool. 10:10
LAST METHOD. Backup or Recover your files from Corrupted SD Card. watch it here. 11:50

Tools that are used in the video.
1. USB Driver Updater Driver Easy.

2. Partition Tool EasUs Partition Master.

3. Backup Data from Corrupted SD card. Wondershare Data Recovery.

in case if this SD Card recovery didn’t find all your files, then here are some Alternative Deleted Photos Recovery Software.

1. iFind Photo Recovery.

2. Apower Data Recovery.

3. Wondershare Data Recovery.

4. Wise Data Recovery.

5. GiliSoft Data Recovery.

6. RecoverIt Free.


suggested videos.

1. How to Remove Pattern or Password from Android Phone without Factory Reset/Without Loosing data.

2. How to Hide your WiFi Signal from others.

3. How to Backup or Recover Data from a Broken Android Phone/Tablet

4. How to install Mac OS on any Windows Computer

5. How to Recover deleted files from Android.

6. How to Backup data from a Broken iPhone or iPad.

7. How to get PAID Udemy courses for free.

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DISCLAIMER: This video contains Affiliate links which means if you purchase the software from my link. I’ll receive a small commission. this help and supports this channel. and allows me to continue to make videos like this.

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OneDrive for Business Webinar

Access and create files anywhere! Learn more about Microsoft’s powerful new application Onedrive during this one hour webinar by LearnIT’s Cara Clifford. Register now for this free webinar! Some of the featured topics are:

What is OneDrive?
Understanding cloud storage
How to sign in and create an account
Exploring the OneDrive site
Create and work with folders
Sharing files in OneDrive
Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your computer

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