How to Fake Your GPS Location on Android !

How to Fake Your GPS Location on Android :

In some occasions, such as when using GPS-based apps or playing GPS-based games, you might want to change where your phone thinks it is. Here’s how to change your GPS location on Android.

1. At first we have to activate “Developer Options”. To enable this go to the “Settings” menu and scroll to the bottom of the list until you find the “About Device” section.
2. Tap “About Device” then scroll to the bottom of the next list until you find “Build Number”.
3. Tap “Build Number” repeatedly, it takes about seven or eight presses, and you’ll be told that the developer mode has been activated.
4. Return to the Settings menu and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see “Developer options”.
5. Tap “Developer options” then scroll to the Debugging section and Select “Allow mock location”.

6. Now, go to “Play Store”. Search “Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free” and install the App.

7. Once you’ve installed Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free, Open it.

8. The screen will show a map of your current location. To change your location, Search any location where you want the GPS to be sited then tap the Play button in the bottom right corner. I have set my location as “Paris”.
9. The app will now show “Paris” as my current location. To verify the fake location, open “Google Maps”, Here we can see that Google Maps located me as I am in “Paris”.
10. To turn Fake Location off, simply go back to the App and tap the Stop button in the bottom left corner.

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