How To Fix USB Tethering Windows 10 – PROBLEM SOLVED

How To Fix USB Tethering Windows 10 – PROBLEM SOLVED
1. Download And Instal PDAnet.exe to your PC
| (DropBox) | (Google Drive) |

2. Download And Instal PDAnet.apk to your Android
| (DropBox) | (Google Drive) |

3. Active USB Debugging (Android Setting)

4. Open PDAnet.apk on your Android and Check Active USB Mode

5. Go to your PC Open Tray Icon and Right Click and Connect

6. Enjoy your Internet from Android USB Tethering

View Internet Speed Connection (Optitional Files)
Net Speed Monitor.exe
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USB Keeps Disconnecting – How To Fix USB Port Issue (Windows 10) 2016

This guide shows you how to fix the usb ports on windows 10 from disconnecting and reconnecting over and over again.

Link to the website in the video ►

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How To FIx Italic Gameranger 2017 – PROBLEM SOLVED

1. Download Zenmate

2. Verivy Your Account (Email)

3. Open Zenmate
4. Choose Server
5. Connect Server
6. Open Game Ranger And Play

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USB Tethering in Windows XP Perfect Solution

USB Tethering Solution for Windows XP
Click on below link to download RNDIS driver for WinXP
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FIX – USB Tethering on Windows 10

How to fix USB tethering on Windows 10 / Update Windows 10 Remote NDIS driver / Android USB Tethering fix.
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Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10

Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10

Having trouble with your USB devices not being recognized in Windows 10, tried all different USB ports on the computer or laptop and still no populating the USB device? I will show you the first step in fixing this common error Unknown Device. USB Flash drive and other USB devices are very useful so to lose the ability to use this devices because of an issue with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices. Troubleshooting this issue cannot be simpler, disconnect the USB device from the computer and type in the search windows “troubleshooting” open that windows tool and click “Hardware and Sound” then look for “Hardware and Devices” and click it to open that program. Let that program diagnose the issue and look for corrupt and missing drivers. It should find and fix the USB fault and ask you to reboot. Once rebooted, hopefully you issue should be resolved, if not then you need to move on to more advanced repair.

Try plugging device into back of the USB Port, also try reinstalling Motherboard Chipset drivers.

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