How to get Android apps on Kindle newest update 2017

Here is link:

Sideloading Apps on Your Kindle Fire HD Using ES File Explorer HDX 8.9″ USA HDX 7″ USA HDX 8.9″ Canada HDX 7″ Canada HDX 8,9″ España HDX 7″ España HDX 8,9″ Italia HDX 7″ Italia

This video demonstrates how to find, download and install Android
apps/APK files on your Kindle Fire HD. This is for installing apps that
you may need but are not available through the Amazon App store

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How to Get Google play apps On a Kindle Fire/Amazon Devices NO ROOT

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Install Google Play Store to the Kindle Fire Tablet (No Root Tutorial)

Learn how to install the Google Play Store to your Amazon Kindle Fire tablets (works on the $50 Fire tablet)! With Google Play Store, you can download Instagram, Snapchat, Clash of Clans, and more to your Fire tablet. Your device must be on Fire OS 5 or higher.
Download links:
1. Google Services Framework:
2. Google Play Services:
3. Google Account Manager:
4. Google Play Store:

Text tutorial at:

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How to get free ANDROID apps on KINDLE FIRE 2017!!!

How to get free apps for Amazon kindle fire any version!
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Download Android apps on your kindle fire without rooting your kindle! 🙂

This video will show you how to get an app android store on your kindle fire..ITS SUPER EASY AND FAST!

where to download:

*i know how some people dont like the all the apps in the amazon app store so i just made a video showing how to get android apps easy and free! (: **
hope you enjoyed 🙂

for more or any problems email me at

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