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Angad Ravan Samvad:अंगद ने तोडा रावण का घमंड – Ramayan Full Episode HD

Anagad and Ravan Samvad: Angad Ravan Ki Sabha Mein Ramayan Episode Angad In Ravan Darbaar

In today’s episode from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan we will see Angad in Ravan Darbaar where he embarrassed Ravan and his Yodhas.

Aaj hum Ramanand Sagar ki Ramayan mein dekhenge Angad aur Ravan ka samvad. Dekhiye kaise Angad ji ne Ravan ki bhari sabha mein Ravan ko neecha dikhlaya aur kaise Anagad ne Ravan ke darbaar mein bhagwan Ram ki Shakti ka chitran kiya.

Full Story of Angad Vs Ravan

When the people of Lanka saw Angad approaching they were filled with fear. They told each other that the monkey who destroyed Lanka has come back again. What would he do now? They scattered to make way for him.

Fearlessly Angad reached the court of Ravana. He introduced himself as the envoy of Rama and asksRavana to return Sita to Rama and give himself up. Ravana laughed at Angad. To put Ravana down, Angad made a high seat of his tail and sat on it so he towered overRavana on his throne. Angad said, “I am Bali’s son Angad, you remember Vali, in whose armpit you were stayed for six months.”

Ravana said, “As you are the son of Bali, I will overlook your rude behavior but it does not befit you to become the envoy of the killer of your father Bali.”

They argued on and on. WhenRavana refused the peace treaty that Angad came with he said, “Before you battle with the army, try to move my foot. If you can move it even by a minute measure of a sesame seed, I will give up the fight for Sita.”

Ravana ordered his courtiers to catch Angad by his foot and throw him to the floor. But all of them together could make his foot budge at all. Ravana then came forward. As he bent to move Angad’s foot, he said, “Would it not be better for you to clasp Shri Rama’s feet?”

When Ravana bent down, his crowns fell off. Angad picked up four of them and flung them towards Rama. Ravana was embarrassed and returned to his seat. Angad challenged Ravana and went back to the camp.

Ravana’s mother Kekasi also warned him of the unfortunate outcome of his war with Rama but he did not listen to her.

At night, Mandodari requestedRavana to send Sita back to Rama or there would be devastation but drunk with vanity and self-love, Ravana paid heed to no one.

Angad narrated the events at Ravana’s court to Rama. All of them, Rama, Lakshman and others, praised Angad for his bravery, wit and diplomacy.

Angad In Ravana’s Court, Ramayana – The Epic Story

Please watch: “Sanjeevani Buti: भरत हनुमान मिलाप – Ramayan Full Episode”
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Abhimanyu Vadh:

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Sanjeevani Booti Hanuman: हनुमान जी द्वारा संजीवनी लाना: Ramayan full episode in HD

Full Ramayan Episode in HD Sanjeevani Buti: हनुमान जी द्वारा संजीवनी लाना

Hanuman brings Sanjeevani Buti, Kalnemi Vadh by Hanuman, Bharat Hanuman Milap, Ramanand Sagar Ramayan Full Episode (लक्ष्मण की मूर्छा! हनुमान जी द्वारा संजीवनी लाना, भरत हनुमान मिलाप: रामायण एपिसोड)

When Lakshmana is severely wounded during the battle against Ravana, Hanuman is sent to fetch the Sanjivani, a powerful life-restoring herb, from Dronagiri mountain, in the Himalayas, to revive him. Ravana realises that if Lakshmana dies, a distraught Rama would probably give up, and so he dispatches the sorcerer Kalanemi to intercept Hanuman. Kalanemi, in the guise of a sage, deceives Hanuman, but Hanuman uncovers his plot with the help of an apsara, whom he rescues from her accursed state as a crocodile.

In the Himalayas, on Drona peak in the dark of the night, all herbs looked alike to him, shining like stars. Hanuman could not recognize which was the Sanjeevani booti, so he picked up the entire mountain, and headed with it back to Lanka.

When Hanuman flew over Ayodhya, Bharat at Nandigram mistook him for a Rakshasa (demon) and aimed a featherless arrow at him, hitting him in the thigh. Hanuman cried out “Shri Rama” and fell down to the earth. Bharat had heard him utter the name of Rama, so he rushed over to him. He heard the whole story of the warfare on Lanka, and became distressed. To speed Hanuman back, he made him sit on a fast arrow, and shot him back to Lanka with his precious burden in a fraction of the time.

Sushena then was able to locate and identify the Sanjeevani herb on the mountain, and used it to treat Lakshman, who revived at once. The vanara sena rejoiced mightily to see him cured. Best Videos of Digital Sadhu

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How to Perform Rudra Abhishek at Home (Ten Steps)

Mahashivratri, the Grand Night of Lord Shiva is fast approaching. This is the most opportune time to invoke the blessings of Mahadev. Maha Shivratri is celebrated in the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) on the 13th night or 14th day of Maagha or Phalguna (February 24 this year). On Shivratri evening, worshipping Lord Shiva and performing Shiva Abhishekam is considered supremely meritorious and beneficial. Even Lord Ram had performed the Rudra Abhisheka before embarking on his journey to Lanka to defeat the demon king Ravana.

During the Rudra Abhishekam powerful hymns/mantras dedicated of Lord Shiva are chanted, along with offering of various sacred items. The sacred items used in Abhishekam includes flowers, belpatra, milk, coconut water, Gangajal, honey, curd sugarcane juice, sandal paste, aromatic oils, Akshat (rice grains), incense, camphor etc. In this video, learn how to perform Rudra Abhishek at home on Mahashivratri.

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भगवद गीता के ये 20 श्लोक आपको जीवन का सही अर्थ समझाते हैं

भगवद गीता के ये 20 श्लोक आपको जीवन का सही अर्थ समझाते हैं


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अगर आपको हमारा विडियो पसंद आता है तो इसे लाईक और शेयर करे और हमारे विडियो के बारे कमेंट भी करे की आपको ये कैसा लगा ।धन्यबाद

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