How To Get Pixel 2 Camera Portrait Mode On Any Android Phone Running

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List and Procedures for all Mobiles:
one+ 3/3T
Front cam fix:

“Pixel2Mod” apks don’t require configuration, but on top of the normal options (camera sounds, video resolution, etc) there are a few things you can change:

Settings then Advanced:
– Config camera HDR+:
— “Auto”: The best setting. Uses “Nexus 6 Auto” for the rear camera and “Pixel 2017” for the front camera.
— “Nexus 6 Auto”: Stable, enables a the ZSL option that doesn’t seem to work.
— “Nexus 6P”: Can’t see much difference when compared to “Nexus 6 Auto”.
— “Pixel 2017”: Quick, ZSL enabled by default, less stable on “hard” conditions (eg: may crash on bright conditions).
– HDR+ parameters: “Default” is enough for most people. Higher settings may produce better photos, specially in hard conditions, but it takes more time to process.
– Enable Lens Blur: Replace Portrait Mode with the old Lens Blur.
– HDR+ image quality: Change the jpg compression (a lower value results in smaller files, but quality is worse).
– HDR+ RAW+JPG: Save RAW files.
– (…)

– Android Oreo users: if you can’t see your photos from inside Google Camera, go to “Debugging and tools”, uncheck “camera.use_photos” and restart the app.
– ZSL: Photos using ZSL may not look as good as the ones taken with normal speeds.
– Options/options names can be changed/removed depending on the version.

Motion Photos:
– Android 8+;
– Google Photos app installed;
– Doesn’t work when HDR enhanced or flash is enabled;

– Back camera photo resolution: (16:9) 12.1 megapixels

Limitations and downsides:
– Motion photos don’t work with the normal 4:3 (16.1) resolution.
– Since you selected a 12.1 resolution, normal photos will be saved using the same resolution.
– Motion photos only work on Google Photos. Other gallery apps only display a still image.
– File sizes are bigger than regular images (it contains the picture + video).

Redmi note 4
For Custom os Android 7.1+:

Whats Working :
Everything except Slow Motion
For Miui Android 7.0+:

Config camera HDR+:
Nexus 6 Auto (or something with “Nexus 6” in the name. Nexus 6P and Pixel settings are not stable)
Pixel 2XL (or Nexus 6P if you want more detailed images)
HDR+ parameters:
Default (or higher)
— Check the “Advanced” menu for some useful settings/features:
— Portrait mode, RAW, etc (check the main post for a list of working features)
— Android Oreo users: you may need to go to “Debugging and tools” and uncheck “camera.use_photos” so you can see your photos from inside the app.
— The rest (video resolution, camera sounds, etc) is up to you.
— Some of the options mentioned here are not available on older apks.
— You need to restart the app so the new settings are applied.

How to use:
Download and install the apk file;
Configure the app using the “suggested settings”;
Restart the app and enjoy!

Redmi Note 3
Custom Oreo
Custom Nougat:
[Front cam may/may not work]
Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S8+
apply this configuration in the Settings menu:
Model: Nexus 6
Portrait mode on all models: on off
camera.faceboxes: on

What’s not working:
Front cam may/may not work

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Get Portrait Mode On Any Android Device | No Root | On Nougat 7.0 & + | Alpha Technology

In this Video we have shown you the method to install Portrait Mode on any android device Running Android Nougat 7.0 & + Without Root for free. This method works on Google Camera Port to Android Nougat for more details watch our full video and give it a thumbs up……


#NOTE!!!!!!…..#This Portrait Mode Google Camera Will Only work on Xiaomi & Redmi Devices Running Android Nougat 7.0 and above By Only Rooting and Using Magisk Tool and Enabling Camera 2API…..

#NOTE 2 !!!!.. #This Portrait Mode will Work On Xiaomi and Redmi Devices Running Android Oreo 8.0 and above only without Root

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