How to get pixel 2 widget on any Android phone without root!!!✌️

To get pixel 2 widget on your Android
Download the apk from play store , name is another widget.
Watch the video to apply this thing👆👆👆👍

Get Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android Smartphone | Nova Setup Full Tutorial

Recently Google unveiled their newest flagship smartphones, Google Pixel 2 & Google Pixel 2 XL. These new Pixel devices have a new Pixel Launcher, That looks really amazing. In this video we’ll show you how you can easily recreate Pixel 2/2 XL look & functionality using Nova Launcher.
Sit back and Enjoy ✌️

Nova launcher Pixel 2 Backup file:
Widget Backup files:
1. Pixel 2 Swipe Arrow Widget-
2. Pixel 2 Calendar Widget-
Pixel 2 Wallpaper:

Nova Launcher:
Nova Google Companion:
Zooper Widget PRO:

Video clip source:


🎶 Background Music Courtesy Joakim Karud – Flix & Chill:

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Homescreen Setup Tutorial v2.0! Pixel 2 Setup! [Step by Step]

Everything you need is down below! Let me know if you’d like more homescreen setup tutorials!

Nova Launcher –
Nova Launcher Prime –
Zooper Widget Pro –
KWGT (Optional) –
Pixl 2 Zooper –
huk for Zooper –
huk for KWGT –
Trident 3 Zooper –
Trident 3 KWGT –
Pixel Icon Pack –
Material Notification Shade –

My Wallpaper –
Pixel 2 Wallpaper –

Get Google Now in Nova Launcher –
Get Pixel NavBar on Galaxy S8/Note8 –

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Google Pixel 2 Launcher On Any Android Phone | Nova Launcher Setup

Google Pixel 2 & Google Pixel 2 XL come with a new redesigned Pixel launcher. Tutorial on how to get the new Pixel 2 launcher home screen setup on any Android phone.

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More Android Tricks & Tutorials:

Pixel 2 Launcher Setup –
Pixel 2 Calendar Widget –
Pixel 2 Swipe Arrow Widget –
Pixel 2 XL Wallpaper –

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How to get all Pixel 2 Widgets on any android

Pixel 2 has been officially launched yesterday and it’s sensational. But not all of us are in a condition to have a “hands-on” it.
Therefore I have created some zooper widgets that exactly look same as in official pixel 2 commercial.
Here are the downloadables
◾Pixel 2 Event (A widget that shows events of your calendar)-
◾Pixel 2 Date & Weather-
◾Pixel 2 Search Bar-
If you see a “?” sign when applying weather widget for the first time, don’t panic. Just go to zooper widget app and tap on configure widget, there choose that specific widget which could be named as Widget 12 or something… then scroll down and find Force update, tap it and your problem should be solved.
If you haven’t installed zooper yet, download it from here. You’ll thank me 😉
◾Google Now Weather icon pack-
◾Wanna make your homescreen like Pixel 2? Here’s some nice stuff for ya-
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How to get the Pixel 2 Widget on Any Android Device!

This is a quick video on how you can get the Pixel 2 widget on your android device. This is a nice clean minimal widget that looks and works great! Check out the video!

A “new” and nice calendar widget!

Link to playstore:

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