How to get/open desktop/full site on mobile🙌🙌😱🔥

Hello guys,
In this video i am going to tell you that how you can get desktop versions in android.
I forget to tell you about chrome
If you want to get desktop version in android then follow these steps.
1. Search site you want to get desktop version.
2.After opening site click on three dots which appear on top of chrome
3.Then you will see request desktop site and click on it.
4.The page will refresh and then you will see desktop version of site.

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How to: Switch to the Desktop Version on Mobile Google Chrome

Hello friends
How to: Switch to the Desktop Version on Mobile Google Chrome
go to Google chrome search to the YouTube
and open home page
and down and down
click to tha desktop version
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Published: 2015-09-21 12:08:44
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Thank you guys so much for watching give it a thumbs up for more tutorial!!
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Full Facebook Site – 3 Easy Ways to Access Site Desktop Version on Mobile

Sometimes I need to access full Facebook site desktop version on my mobile when I don’t have my laptop with me.

And I think that this is gonna help you.


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Win 10 switch between Desktop mode Tablet mode Start Menu Start Screen

Windows 10 Switch / Enable / disable Tablet mode and Desktop Mode. Switching Start Menu and Start Screen
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How to view Desktop Version site on UC browser android KOKBOROK

IBPS result too check khyna bagui Android mobile site no Desktop version khyna bagui easy khai phunukjak.
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