How to import widgets in Magic Dosbox for Android

Hi, this guide shows how to import already created widgets (virtual buttons) from one game layout to another.

Emulator :
Hardware:Nvidia Shield Tablet

How To Play PC Games on Android With Magic Dosbox [Part1 – Win95 Installation]

Hello, this is first part of tutorial what shows how to play PC Games on Android with Magic Dosbox. In this part I explain how to install win95 and transfer it to Android device.

In second part we’ll finalize win95 configuration and in last part we’ll install Fallout 2.

What you need?
Magic Dosbox from Google Play

You need your OWN windows 95 installation CD.

Drivers and Magic Dosbox layout files can be downloaded here:

Tutorial shows how to use it.

2nd part of this tutorial:

For demonstration was used Nvidia Shield Tablet


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Magic DosBox on a GPD XD

If you’re interested in the GPD XD, you can locate the manufacturer’s website here:

Magic DosBox:

This video was edited with Lightworks for PC.

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Published: 2016-12-03 18:51:43
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How setup Doom 1 on Magic Dosbox using existing game layout

How to import existing doom layout to magic dosbox and setup it. Also simple Master of Puppets widget presentation.

Software :
Hardware : NVIDIA shield tablet

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Published: 2015-03-07 11:59:20
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DOSBox Tutorial (How to run games)

EDIT:I have recently learned that you can simply drag the exe file on the shortcut of dosbox to play the game so you won’t need all of my instructions

Tutorial on how to play games in DOSBox. Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you have any troubles (no guarantees I will know though, I’m still a newbie at this.):3

I used Camtasia Studio

Link for DOSBox (Home Page)

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