How to Install Play Store Apps to Android Phone from Computer

Do you know how to Install Google Play Store App on Android Via Computer? See this video to Install any Google play store App on your Android phone directly from Desktop /Laptop. It’s very easy and simple.

Exit the IDM Enter the EagleGet | Best Free Download Manager | Bangla

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EagleGet is a free all-in-one download manager and accelerator. The EagleGet Downloader extension for Google Chrome could take over and accelerate the downloads from your Chrome browser.The software application is multilingual and works on Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista and XP. You can use it as an alternative of IDM and completely free too !!
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How to Register IDM Free for Lifetime on your Own Name (New) | Tech Master

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How To Download Any File From 4shared Easily | Tech Master

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How To Connect Android Phone To Computer as Storage Device

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Welcome To Luis Tutorial TV!

In this video I will show you how to connect you android phone to your computer as a storage device an transfer music, pictures, videos, ringtones and any data you want between your phone and computer.

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I strongly recommend the following software to keep your computer fast, clean, backed up, and virus free.
AVG – Anti Virus
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Malwarebytes – Anti Malware
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Zone Alarm – A Great Firewall
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Carbonite – Backup Your Files Online
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In this channel you will find many tutorials and reviews on how to fix and do things with PC hardware and software. You will learn how to replace hard drives RAM, disk drives and much more. Also you will learn about many software including antivirus, tune Up utilities, video and audio, document managing, and many other tools. Another big part of this channel has to do with game reviews and tutorials. So you will see a little bit of everything!
This channel also has many exciting project videos.
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Welcome to PC Help 4 Beginners. These videos are dedicated for beginner and novice people that want to learn how to operate, fix, and upgrade computers. Also PC help 4 Beginners offers 24/7 Tech Support.

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How to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on PC [HD][Feb 2016]

Android is one of the Most Popular Platform which is most widely used by Smartphones. So Today I will show you How to Install Android Operating System on your Computer for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. To Install Android operating system you need to have Framework and operating system. So here I am Using VirtualBox from Oracle as a Framework and Android operating system is installed over that framework.

Requirement For Installing Android 6.0 Marshmallow
1. Download and install Virtual Machine on your computer from
2. Download Android 6.0 Marshmallow iso –

Click the blue New button in Virtualbox, name the new VM, change the Type to Linux and change the version to Other Linux(32 Bit) Crank the Memory to 2048 MB and click Create.

On the Create Virtual Hard Drive screen, change the File Size to 8GB, leave the Hard drive file type at VDI but change the Storage on the physical hard drive to Fixed size.

Now back in the image list, 5.Select the Virtual device and select settings, a dialog box appears. In the dialog box select storage choose your Android.iso file for the installation.

Now it’s time to install Android, click on “Start” button to begin with.

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VirtualBox attempts to boot off the ISO and immediately displays the Android-x86 Live & Installation CD test screen. Keep hitting the arrow keys until you select the Installation option – then hit Enter. The first thing we need to do is Create a new Partition. Select Create/modify partitions and keep moving. Hit the right arrow key to highlight the [NEW] option along the bottom the screen, then pressEnter.

Press enter again to make it a Primary Partition.

Alright, now we need to make the partition bootable so make sure [Bootable] is highlighted below and press Enter. When you press enter it places the word “Boot” under the column called Flags between Name and Part Type. Now – keep pressing the right arrow key until you highlight [Write]. Go for it, you’ve got this my friend.

Hit enter and you’ll see a confirmation warning about destroying all the data on your disk. Remember, this is your virtual disk, not your real disk. In other words, we’re about to nuke the Guest OS hard drive which is currently empty so this is perfectly safe and necessary. Type yes and hit Enter.

When it finishes it’ll take you back to the previous screen. Just keep hitting the right arrow until you highlight [Quit]. Press enter so we can finish up. You should find yourself back in the Choose Partition screen; however, this time, you should see your newly created Partition in the list. Since we now have a place to park the Marshmallow installation we can start installing it. Select sda1 Linux and hit Enter. Change the filesystem to ext3 and press Enter.

You’ll get a warning about losing all your data. This is fine because we have no data in the Guest OS. Choose Yes and continue.

Install GRUB and hit Yes. GRUB will give us the flexibility to boot up different Linux installations at startup.

Now hit Yes to install the /system directory as read-write.

We’re on the homestretch now baby!

In a few seconds, it should boot up the GRUB loader. Just leave it alone for a few seconds and it’ll finish starting up.

Now you can set it up just like a new tablet

By the way, if the mouse doesn’t work you may need to click Disable Mouse Integration from the Machine menu in the upper left corner of the Virtualbox window. This will keep the mouse gliding over the VirtualBox menu instead of getting trapped inside it. On the Select Wi-Fi screen just click Skip. Virtualbox will use your host computers network card for data connectivity. And that’s it! Now you can download Google apps, setup Gmail and have a ball without fear of destroying a precious tablet.

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