How to learn Android Development in 2017

After the announcement the official support of Kotlin, I made a video that google is trying to push Java out of the frame and people understood that java is getting off from Android, just like objective C. But this is not what I meant.

There will be still development on Java but since Kotlin is now officially supported by Android, most developers will be switching towards Kotlin and Demand of Kotlin developers will become high.

There are 3 ways to become Android developer as of now, via java, via Kotlin and via Javascript

I hope this video will clear a lot of air.


Kotlin is here for Android. Is Java dead Now ?

If you are following Google I/O, you might have already heard about the launch of first class support of Kotlin. Kotlin is now the official language supported by google for android development.
With Android studio version 3, Kotlin will be shipped and will be ready to use for the developers.

This is one of the most perfect time for the new developers to get started with Kotlin and become Android developer


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Integrating Java with Kotlin

This video will help you to understand that you can use full power of java in kotlin syntax. All the down sides of java can be full filled with Kotlin as well as the good things and power of java features still stays in Kotlin

More coming up


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kotlin vs Java clearing your doubts

A lot of confusion is there about Kotlin Vs java. This video will clear a lot of your doubts.
Also I would like to add that Learning Kotlin now, will be the best move. In near future entire applications will be written in kotlin. But still java is not out anytime soon


Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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creating a video player in java at 4 in morning

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What is Ransomware wannaCry and wannaCrypt and how you can avoid it

Recently a very notorious Ransomware emerged the surface and has been named as wannaCry AKA wannaCrypt. but there is nothing to be discussed in the name. This ransomware got popularity after hitting UK’s health department and FedEx.
This ransomware targets the SMB vulnerability in the windows and takes over to your computer. All of your files are locked and money in bitcoins are demanded from the users.

Although the update is already out there by microsoft but update is not being applied at many computers.
Also this SMB vulnerability sometimes don’t need to be delieverd by a file in your system, just like MS08067 exploit, back in early days.

So make sure that you update your system as quick as possible.


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