How to make an eBook using android

Hello guys today want to tell you how to write an eBook by android first you need to download an apk named WRITE PLUS link is play.//write plus don’t forget to subscribe my channel bye

Create a book using EBook Maker.

EBook Maker is a Universal App for creating essay, novel, picture book, etc.
EBook Maker support Flowing Book and Fixed Layout Book.
If you want to create your own book easily, EBook Maker is a good choice for you.

AppStore :

*There is a awesome bookshelf theme.
*You can send your book(ebook, pdf) to other apps or email.
*Support landscape mode(iPhone/iPad).
*You can add text, image, audio, video on the page.

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Make an eBook From Your Own Book Collection

I show you how to quickly chop a book and scan it for awesome reading on your iPad or Kindle to enhance your life. Here are links to those products I mentioned. There are other scanners and cutters suitable for this operation so don’t think you have to have this particular one.


Paper cutter:
Actually I can’t find the cheaper one I purchased on Amazon. It was a couple years ago and now they are around $40. (Yikes! Either I was way off in my video guestimation or the price went way up from a couple of years ago.) So, I’m not going to provide a link as I’m sure you can find one cheaper than the one I found. Sorry for any misinformation!

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How to share your Book Creator ebook using Dropbox

Uploading your book to Dropbox’s free cloud storage is a really quick way to share your book with your friends, family or students.

Find out more on our Support site:

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How to hack dead target on android

First you need an apk download from target mods apk
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Make a eBook Vs Make a Book App
It doesn’t matter if you trying to make an eBook or make a book app we can help. We pride ourselves in creating high quality book apps and eBooks. We can do this if you are going the self publishing route, or just need to convert a book to eBook. We also offer other ebook services such as eBook distribution and marketing. What are you waiting for make an ebook or book app today!
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