How To Make Android Look Like iPhone X : NO ROOT 2017

Hey, friends Im Back With Another cool New Android Customization Video. In This video, I’m Going To Show You How To Make Android Look Like iPhone X : NO ROOT 2017. Hope You Enjoy!

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1. Nova Launcher Prime ( Beta 5.5) :

2. Cleandroid UI – Icon Pack :…

3. Control Center IOS 11 :…

4. XOutOf10 :…

5. OS 11 Locker – Keypad Lock Screen :…

6. Nova Backup File :…

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Install iOS 10 on Any Android Phone 2017 || How to install iOS rom in Any Android Phone

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Want a new iOS system on your Android phone ???
Then this video is for you….

Friends in this video a flash a iOS rom in my Android phone (Micromax Canvas A120) ..

And complete change it’s system software to iOS

You can Also change your Android to iOS….

*************** #Warning ************

Flash the iOS rom at your own responsibility/risk….

We are not responsible for any damage to your device!!!?!?

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Steps to Install iOS

1. Install Custom recovery in your phone ( search on Google for Custom recovery with your phone model number)

If you have problem then comment it , I will make a video on it.

2. Search for iOS rom for your Android​ Phone on Google
(“iOS rom for your device name/model number”)

3. Follow the steps that I show you in the video.

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How To Make Android Look Like iOS 11! (No Root – Free – 2017) – Install iOS 11 On Any Android Phone!

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Today I’ll be showing you how to make your android phone or tablet look and feel like its running iOS 11! In this video, I will be guiding you step by step through the entire process of downloading and setting up the apps needed to get iOS 11 on any android phone. With this video, you’ll be able to get that familiar iOS 11 launcher, iOS 11 control center, notification center, status bar, and keyboard. I chose not to include the lockscreen as 3rd party lockscreen don’t usually add much security on top of simply being an overlay on your phone. In order to keep your phone as secure as posssible, I would suggest you stick with the lockscreen that comes on your phone. Although this isn’t true iOS 11, it still is surprisingly fast and lag-free even on older devices. If you’re excited to learn how to install iOS 11 on android device hit that like button! Applications used in this video are ilauncher, inoty, control center os 11, and emoji keyboard 7.

Check out some of my other videos below as well as the gear I use to create my videos.

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Top 10 Best Offline iOS/Android Games Of 2017

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Install iOS 9 on Android 👈

Install #iOS 11 on Android 😎
Best phone:
iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery:
Install iOS 9 on Android 👈
Install #iOS 9 on #Android device
Install iOS 11 on Android 😎
New How to Install iOS 11 on Android
iOS on Any Android
iOS 10.2 on Android
Install iOS 11 on iPhone
****Only for Micromax Canvas HD A116******** OR

First Root your Phone

******Get this All Features in Any Android Device without root********

#port this rom to your android device

#Micromax Canvas HD A116 is used in this video

Don’t forget to take Nandrioid Backup
# i am not responsible for damage/bricking of any device #

#Thank you to developer aaryan45 for creating this awesome custom #ROM

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Nothing, Just A116 & Clones
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v1
Stable Release Date: 2016-05-01
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Install iOS 11 On Any Android Phone [NO ROOT] – iPhone X Look On Android – 2017!

By following this video you can install ios 11 on android device. So just follow the steps carefully and be ready to get the awesome Look Of #iphoneX. You can easily find all required file’s and app’s links below.

1) iLauncher App:
Link 1:
Link 2 (Suitable for android 5.0/5.1):

2) iNotify OS11:

3) iPhone X Lockscreen:

4) Apple Keyboard:

5) iPhone X Wallpapers:

6) iOS 11 all Wallpapers:

1) iPhone X System UI.
2) Installing ios 11 (Apps) from google playstore.
3) Ios 11 keyboard, ios 11 notification panel, ios 11 lock screen, ios 11 wallpaper.
4) Setting iOS 11 control center.
5) ios 11 on android

So finally by using this tips you are gonna get Ios 11 or iphone x UI/Look on your android device.
This tutorial is gonna work on almost all android operating system like lollipop, marshmallow, Nougat etc.

By follwing this tutorial you can only get Complete UI and look of iOS 11 operating system. So you will have access of Google playstore instead of Apple Inc. appstore
iPhone and android.


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How To Install iOS 10 on Android – Make Your Android Phone Look Like iPhone

How To Install iOS 10 on Android – You can make your android phone look like iPhone by installing a free app. By using this app, you can get feel of using iOS on your android phone.

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How To Make Your Android Phone look like an iOS10

Step 1: Open Play Store

Step 2: Type “ios launcher” in the search box and click on the “Search” button.

Step 3: Click on “OS10 Launcher HD-Smart, Simple.”

Step 4: Click on “INSTALL” and then click on “Accept”

Step 5: Click on “Open” to open the app.

Step 6: Swipe left on the screen 3 times and then Click on “Enter.”

You can see your Android phone look like “iOS10.”

Now Set “OS10 Launcher HD” as default launcher for a better experience.

Step 7: To set “OS10 Launcher HD” as default Launcher Click On “OS Settings.”

Step 8: Tap On “Toggle” button and then Click on “remember my choice” and tap on “OS10 Launcher HD.”

You can hide any app easily.

Step 9: To Hide App Click on “OS Settings” and Click on “Hide Apps.”

Step 10: For instance, Let’s try to hide “Gallery” App. To hide the app tap on the toggle button.

Step 11: Click on Hidden Apps to view app that you have hide and doing same to unhide the app.

Step 12: Now click on “All Apps”, and You can See the”Gallery App”.

You can customize Rows of icon, Column of icon, Column of dock, Icon size, App name size, Text color and sliding effect.

Step 13: Click on “Personalization”

Here You can see the options to customize. But, I am going to show you the sliding effect only.

Step 14: Click on “Sliding Effect”

Step 15: Here I choose “Wild Mill” Effect.

Step 16: Press “Back” button and let’s see the effect.

Step 17: Swipe right or left on the screen to see the effect.

Now you can see the “Wild Mild effect” by swipe right or left on the screen.

Now feel your Android phone look like an iPhone.

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If you face any problem in installing ios on android, then leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll be happy to assist you.

Now enjoy the feel of iOS on your android phone and kindly share this video with your friends. Thanks 🙂

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