How to New Calendar Widget of Pixel 2 in Any Android Smartphone by Download Another Widget

Add Widget in Any Android Smartphone by Android Widget

How to replicate the Pixel 2’s new calendar widget:

How to replicate the Pixel 2’s new calendar widget on any Android phone using ‘Another Widget’

How to Get Pixel 2 Launcher And Widget

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Homescreen Setup Tutorial v2.0! Pixel 2 Setup! [Step by Step]

Everything you need is down below! Let me know if you’d like more homescreen setup tutorials!

Nova Launcher –
Nova Launcher Prime –
Zooper Widget Pro –
KWGT (Optional) –
Pixl 2 Zooper –
huk for Zooper –
huk for KWGT –
Trident 3 Zooper –
Trident 3 KWGT –
Pixel Icon Pack –
Material Notification Shade –

My Wallpaper –
Pixel 2 Wallpaper –

Get Google Now in Nova Launcher –
Get Pixel NavBar on Galaxy S8/Note8 –

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Get Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android Smartphone | Nova Setup Full Tutorial

Recently Google unveiled their newest flagship smartphones, Google Pixel 2 & Google Pixel 2 XL. These new Pixel devices have a new Pixel Launcher, That looks really amazing. In this video we’ll show you how you can easily recreate Pixel 2/2 XL look & functionality using Nova Launcher.
Sit back and Enjoy ✌️

Nova launcher Pixel 2 Backup file:
Widget Backup files:
1. Pixel 2 Swipe Arrow Widget-
2. Pixel 2 Calendar Widget-
Pixel 2 Wallpaper:

Nova Launcher:
Nova Google Companion:
Zooper Widget PRO:

Video clip source:


🎶 Background Music Courtesy Joakim Karud – Flix & Chill:

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TOP Android Apps – OCTOBER 2017 NO ROOT!

TOP Android Apps – OCTOBER 2017 NO ROOT!
So today we are up with our top android applications for the month of October 2017. This video will showcase some great apps which include all types of categories which will enhance your android experience a lot.


Button mapper :
Zoetropic :
We transfer :
Magic particles:
Hid. cam :
alternative link:

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[Hindi,हिन्दी] Google Pixel 2 Launcher Setup – New Calendar Widget, Dock Search Bar (Nova Launcher)

Google Pixel 2 (2017) phones comes with a new redesigned pixel launcher. compared to previous pixel launcher it brings many UI tweaks. This video will guide you how you can create the pixel 2 launcher on your android device.

First Video :

Description & Details :

[YouTube, English]
[YouTube, हिन्दी]

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