How to open desktop side in [Crome Browser]

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In this video i will teach you that how you can open desktop sid in android like pc
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How to Block a Website in all Web Browsers

Know How to Block a Website in all browsers. In my previous tutorial I have shown you How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

..but this video will help you to block selected websites on every browser within few steps. This can be done by editing the hosts file of your PC and I will guide you to do it perfectly without any hassles.

First step is to open the notepad in administrative rights. If you are using Windows 8 machine then come to start screen and type Notepad. Here right click on the Notepad then select “Run as Administrator”. If you are using other windows versions, navigate to Notepad, right click then select “Run as Administrator” from the list of options.

Second step is to find the path of hosts file. To do this, go to notepad then “File” then “Open”. Now go to C drive then Windows then System32, then Drivers, then etc. Initially you won’t see any files here. To get all files, change “Text Documents” to “All Files” and select “hosts”.

Come to the bottom and add the IP address followed by websites to block. For example say, if you would like to block facebook and twitter. Write down these URLs with a space separation.

Let me show you in live. Both websites are opening before saving hosts file. But after saving the edited hosts file, it shows “This webpage is not available”. Make sure to add mobile versions of the websites. is treated different to

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How to Block a Website in all Web Browsers

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