How to Remove voice from Video in ANDROID By Mr. STUDIO

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How to make OTG cable from an old charger less than 10 min.

How to make otg cable from an old charger less than 10 min.
Is video mein aap ko ye botaya hai ki ek purane charger se kaise otg cable bana sakte hai


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How to make touch pen

+ Materials


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How to Remove Vocals from a Song Using Audacity I show you how to remove vocals from a song using Audacity, the popular free audio editing software. This creates a karaoke effect on the song or jingle you apply it to allowing you to create your own vocals while still using the original backing track of the song.
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How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock Done!!! Hight Success!!!

How to Fully Bypass iCloud Activation Lock – Full explanation & Everything you need to know

NEW 9.3.2 Full Activation Bypass Method Explaination & New Exploit –


Yes, everything covered in the video is also relevant for iOS 10.x

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This video covers everything you need to know about iCloud activation bypasses.

Part 1:

DNS server bypass

Part 2: crashes on the latest iOS 9.2.1 – 9.3

Part 3:

Explanation on the 3 methods for full removal of iCloud activation

Part 4:

Scammers on Twitter, YouTube…

A lot of technical stuff is covered here so if you are knew to iOS, take a look at the links below to understand things better.

Bootrom Exploit (for iPhone 4 full bypass) explained –…

What is iBoot? –…)

iH8sn0w’s talk about iCloud activation lock –…

DNS servers:





Remember – scammers will post comments on this video. Ignore ALL comments claiming to have iCloud bypasses. They are ALL fake!

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How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

If you wonder how to restore disabled iPhone without iTunes, or restore your iPhone in recovery mode, follow the steps with iOS System Recovery as this guide:

Without using iTunes there are other applications which one can use for factory reset their iPhone as discussed earlier. FonePaw iOS System Recovery is one of the best software which made it so easy to factory reset an iPhone. This software comes with good, clear, and easily understandable interface for easy reset of their iPhone.

1. Connect iPhone/iPad to FonePaw iOS System Recovery.
2. Follow the tips to enter recovery mode or DFU mode (if selecting advanced mode).
3. Choose the corresponding model to download the package.
4. Repair your device back to normal status.

Just in several steps, your disabled iPhone 7/6s can be restored.

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Please watch: “How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone”

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