How to reset your android phone in just minutes

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How to Reset LG G3 (Power+Volume Buttons)


By reseting your phone you’ll loose all your personal data which was stored on the internal storage! Data on your SIM card theoretically won’t be affected.

Before reset: Android 5.0.1 – Lollipop
After reset: Android 5.0.1 – Lollipop

How to reset LG G3:

2. Turn off the phone by holding down the Power key;
3. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys on the back of the phone;
4. When the LG logo is shown, shortly release only the Power key, then hold the Power key again.
5. The “Factory Data Reset” screen should appear. (release all keys)
6. Go to “Yes” using the Volume Down key;
7. Press the Power key to confirm;
8. The “Erase all user data and restore default settings” screen appears.
9. Press the Volume down key to select “Yes”;
10. Press the Power key to confirm.
11. The phone should restart…
12. Your phone should now reset to its original factory settings.

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How to reset your Android phone

Watch this video to learn the best way to reset your Android phone, when necessary.
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Remove Forgotten PASSCODE / PASSWORD Unlock For ALL Android Devices- Smartphones & Tablets

You have forgotten your passcode / password to get into your Android phone. Well at this time the only way to bypass this is by doing a hard reset. However take note that you will lose all your data. After you are done with this hard reset your phone will be just like it was out of the box.

Note that I am using an Galaxy S3 here and different Android phones my have a slightly different combinations to access the system recovery (hard reset / factory reset).
How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3 password if its lost / forgotten

For the S3 you need to shut off your phone, then once it is off you need to hold down three keys- Up volume, home key, & power button until you see some text or the android guy then let go.

Again, some Android devices use a different combination. For instances some phone/tablets you will have to hold down at the same time the up & down volume key plus the power button, etc..

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How to reset locked Android device

A video demonstrating how to reset a locked android phone.

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How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE Unlock For Android Devices | SmartPhones & Tablets! Password

In this how to / tutorial video,it will show you how to get past the passcode lock. This will work for any device on android such as smartphones and tablets!

Watch the new updated unlock tutorial video:

I have tested serval ways how to unlock android devices, the way in the video is the fasted and easiest way. The only down side to this is you will lose all your data and info. Hopefully you backed it up before you forgot the passcode. If you have any questions or if this tutorial did help you drop a comment down below. In the video I am using my Samsung Galaxy S2 on T-mobiles network with icecream sandwich software.

Note: You will lose all your data if you follow this video!
There might be slightly different steps to get to the system recovery mode (depending on your phone and carrier), my way is the general way.

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How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE unlock For Android Devices | SmartPhones & Tablets!
How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE unlock For Android Devices | SmartPhones & Tablets!
How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE unlock For Android Devices | SmartPhones & Tablets!
How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE unlock For Android Devices | SmartPhones & Tablets!
How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE unlock For Android Devices | SmartPhones & Tablets!

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