How to Reverse Tether Without Root

Reverse tether without Root
Use PC internet by Your android/Ios Device
Android App Link :
Server Link :
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enjoy your pc internet on your android device by this simple trick 100% working,this reverse usb tethering works 100% guarantee Pls read below
IF you face any problem just comment
download link:
All The Details With Procedure/Steps Are given in the Website ( USB tunnel app also available on same page)
Dont write negative comments if you havent dowloaded from the mentioned site.The software given in the link is the latest one and will work for playstore downloads also.
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How To Share Windows 10 PC’s Internet with Any Android Device via USB (No Root Reverse Tethering)

This video shows how to share your Windows 10 PC’s Internet with Android Devices via a USB cable. This will allow your device to connect to Internet without WiFi or 3G, 4G… This is technically called “USB Reverse Tethering”.
The most important thing about this unobtainable guide is that it’s also working from Lollipop onwards and does not require rooting your device.
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For other guides (e.g, linux users):


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FREE Tether From ANY Android phone via USB + NO ROOT REQUIRED


The app gives you FREE INTERNET to your PC or MAC by using the internet on your Android phone and USB cable.

This is a tutorial on how to tether your internet from your Android phone to your Notebook, laptop, or desktop computer. In other words, you will get FREE internet on your computer just by following these easy steps!
You can tether your internet for free, by using a app called Easy Tether from the Android app store, this app also supports Linux and MAC OS as well. Once you have installed the application on your Android, then you will need to download the driver for your computer, and set up the configuration of the app on you Android and the software on your computer, as depicted in this tutorial. Please note that your Android phone DOES NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED for this to work.

More Information @


********** If you don’t have a Internet connection, you can use your phone to download the zip file and save it to your SD card.**************

Steps you need to follow.

1) Download and install Easy Tether on your Android Cell phone.

2) Install the required driver for your computer by going to;

3) Enable Easy Tether on your phone by selecting USB, then connect your USB cable.

4) Go to your Easy tether Icon on your computer to start your FREE internet connection!

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Use PC Internet Connection with Android via USB ( Any Rooted Android Phone ) / How to Reverse Tether

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Now use your PC Internet on any rooted Android Phone with the help of this Tutorial ( Android version should be 4.0 & + .

Download Link –

1 ) Reverse Tethering Tool

Link 1 –

Link 2 –

Link 3 –

2 ) Tutorial – How to root Sony Xperia Tipo ( Single / Dual )

Link –

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how to share pc internet connection with android device using usb ( no root )

reverse tethering for android :

reverse tethering server :

ADB check :

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