How to setup Android Tethering Mobile Hotspot WiFi Bluetooth

In this example I’ve gone night fishing and I’ve taken one Android mobile phone with me a tablet and a laptop. Here you will learn how to set up a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mobile hotspot in a few simple taps.

If you also out and a friend wishes to connect then it will be password protected too. Turning a mobile into a internet hotspot is not new at all but with Android 7 it’s made so much easier including Bluetooth as a tether connection.

i wish i knew that sooner Use Aeroplane Mode for video recording et al

Recording video, making 360 photospheres and pretty much anything else on your phone uses CPU and memory – if at all possible, USE AEROPLANE MODE to help your phone perform on a set task to the BEST of it’s ability.

I can only know for sure using my Moto G4 on Android 7.0 – yet all phones have a CPU and memory – so all should be true, TURN OFF what is NOT needed – makes sense does it not?

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i wish i knew sooner to keep a Zoom H1 away from a Mobile Phone GSM

To record decent audio a real 101 tip is to keep your device (in my case a Zoom H1) away from any interference like a Mobile Phone with GSM turned on, wifi, bluetooth etc otherwise you get a horrid t t t t t bzzz sound all over your file, usually every 10 -20 seconds as the phone talks to, searches for a GSM cell tower signal. It can also happen if you have your Mic plugged into a USB power supply too (in my experience)

I use a Zoom H1 as photo:
and Moto G4:

Of course the Zoom has been updated to the H1n

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TOP 10 Best Smartphones 2018 ! (4K @960fps, 6/8 GB RAM )

Here is the TOP 10 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2018 ! .All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup.As in this year,it is a very good time to buy a new phones.

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Open Camera Android Tap Zoom so effective & easy

The Open Camera Android never ceases to impress me – here I am learning a new way to ‘jump cut’ in one take. Not a new feature in the app at all – just first time really occured to me to use it this way.

Make sure you have On Screen UI set to display zoom slider and zoom buttons. I tapped lock exposure just to keep the video brightness smooth and consistent.

open camera at play store

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How to Get Free Internet For Life!

Wow you can get free internet forever, and the highest speed internet too!

Check the date ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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