How to Tether Mobile Android Smartphones to your Computer! Bypass Your Hotspot Data Plan!!!

Hey guys! its been a long wait but I have finally put together a tutorial on tethering your phone to your desktop computer. I did forget to mention you can also tether via Bluetooth, very cool feature!!

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Link to Tether App

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2 WAYS TO CONNECT PHONES TABLETS TO TV, wire vs wireless review

How to connect Android phones tablets to TV, also works with iphones ipads to HDTV but need lightning adapter cable, Wire vs wireless ways, MHL micro usb to HDMI adapter cable wire is a cheap solution to connect phone to tv, works with Samsung Galaxy S3, s4, s5, tab 3, note 2, note 3, mega, many newer mhl phones but chromecast is more flexible and convenient which works with most devices. MHL to HDMI cable-
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How to play Black ops 3 tethering from a 4g LTE smartphone to XBOX ONE VERY EASY!!!

No lag playing Xbox one live tethered from my cell phone
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How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free

How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free with a root app

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Link to WIFI TETHER APP from google play

How to install Android Device drivers
2 ways to check the MD5 sum
Why Root Android devices video
Android device hacking explained
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices

Warning… do this at your own risk.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to help. 1. What device you are on. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom or stock rom you are on. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. What recovery system you are using. With this info I will be able to help much faster. 

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USB Tethering an Android phone to a Chromebook

WiFi isn’t always available but a Chromebook can connect to the Internet through an Android phone which has cellular data service using “USB tethering”

Ingredients required:
Chromebook (any laptop with a USB port should work)
Android phone (any smartphone should work: void where prohibited by data plan restrictions)
USB cable (A to micro B)

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How to connect your Android smartphone to your TV

Learn more…

What you will need:
– HDMI Cable – BUY:
– Micro USB to HDMI connector – BUY:
– Android smartphone
– Digital TV
– Smartphone power cable

In this video we will be connecting a Samsung Galaxy S3 – Should you want to connect a different android device, it is advised to buy the USB to HDMI connector made for your specific phone model.

Plug the micro USB to HDMI connector into your phone. Then plug one end of your HDMI cable into the micro USB to HDMI connector. You will also have to connect your phone charger to the micro USB to HDMI connector otherwise it will not work.

Plug the other end of your HDMI cable into your TV. Turn on your TV and change the input source to HDMI. Both the video and the audio from your android smartphone will now come through your TV.

Here are a few apps that work really well:
– Netflix
– BBC iPlayer
– ITV Player
– 4oD Player

Most on demand video players work great. Games which use the Android’s rotation as a controller quite often work best.

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